Getting the Most out of IC Design Houses

In the field of IC Design, there are many companies that have unique focus and experience in designing integrated circuits, as well as being involved in the other aspects of IC design house elements, such as packaging, testing, validation, et cetera.


It may seem like a simple choice to go with one of the big name companies that are already established on the market, but their services can be much more expensive than one has bargained for.


Therefore, many companies may want to seek the services of smaller, more specialized IC design houses to cater to very specific needs, or may want to employ a large provider, but their projects are too small to be considered by these established names.


By creating a pool of IC design houses and vendors, the problem of finding the right IC design house(s) for your needs can not only help you save costs, but it will also reduce time to market and minimize the risks of paying for additional masks or design bugs.


But How IC Design Houses Get Exposure?


Looking for more independent IC design house can be difficult for those who are using a typical Google search to find what they’re looking for. That’s one of the primary goals of this search directory, is to help companies make the most affordable choices in IC design house while helping smaller, more independent companies obtain the exposure they need.


Smaller companies that have a smaller focus in the realm of IC design house, get boost their exposure get the jump start they need to work their way into the market.


Provide the Right Projects to IC Design Houses


Although visitors are free to peruse through the lists of providers in the use of the search option, there is an RFQ form that can be filled out and submitted to the IC Design Houses via concierge service. By analyzing the criteria listed, a viewer’s request will be submitted to those IC design houses whose skills are most fitting for the job, who can then contact you directly. This makes it much easier for customer and provider to engage in a dialogue that leads to the creation of project and possible future engagement.


By pairing the right service provider(s) in IC design house with a customer, the marketplace will continue to grow, as newer IC design houses are always being created and won’t be left stranded in the market with no way of gaining the attention they deserve.


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