Inomize is Appointed as TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) Partner

Inomize, a leading provider of turnkey, ASIC and SoC design solutions, is appointed by TSMC as one of its authorized VCA partners. As a TSMC VCA partner, Inomize is able to provide its customers with a full turnkey solution from initial design to volume production in TSMC’s most advanced silicon processes and manufacturing fabs. Inomize is a world-class ASIC vendor that collaborates with TSMC to provide powerful, competitive solutions to its customers.


“Based on Inomize’s excellent track record for first-time design success, TSMC is pleased to welcome Inomize to the VCA program where Inomize leverages its value-added services, industry presence and design expertise to best serve emerging and system companies. Entrepreneurial ASIC teams can increase their knowledge while accelerating their time-to-market by tapping into the resources of TSMC and Inomize,” said Maria Marced, President, TSMC EMEA. “We have a long history collaborating with Inomize on design and manufacturing. The combination of TSMC technologies and Inomize’s expert support team will help emerging new players bring their innovations to the world.”
“Inomize and its employees are very proud to be named a VCA partner for TSMC, one of very few across the globe. This partnership is another layer of solutions that Inomize provides to its customers that are span across various domains like HPC, CNN, DL/ML, IoT, XR, AI, and others, together with the world leader of ASIC manufacturing” says Udi Shaked, CEO of Inomize.


About VCA program

TSMC’s Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) program extends TSMC’s ability to serve a broader range of customer. VCA members are independent design service companies working closely with TSMC to help system companies, ASIC companies, and emerging start-up customers bring their innovations to production.


VCAs integrate design enablement building blocks within TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) and provide specific services at each link in the IC value chain, including IP development, design backend, wafer manufacturing, assembly, and testing.


About TSMC

TSMC is a dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry’s leading process technology and a large portfolio of process-proven libraries, IPs, design tools and reference flows. The Company’s owned capacity in 2018 is expected to exceed 12 million (12-inch equivalent) wafers, including capacity from three advanced 12-inch GIGAFAB® facilities, four eight-inch fabs, and one six-inch fab, in Taiwan, as well as TSMC’s wholly owned subsidiaries WaferTech, TSMC China, and TSMC Nanjing. TSMC is the first foundry to provide 7-nanometer production capabilities. Its corporate headquarters are in Hsinchu, Taiwan. For more information about TSMC please visit http://www.tsmc.com.


About Inomize

Inomize is a professional Research & Development firm specializing in the design and delivery of hardware solutions. Inomize offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your project needs and product constraints in terms of cost, performance and power consumption.


Inomize successfully delivers ambitious projects on time and on budget. Inomize gets the maximum out of the available technology and, when necessary, pushes it to the limit using the latest advancements to meet the customer’s project needs. With years of experience and a proactive project management approach, Inomize reduces development time and minimize risks of complex hardware design projects.
Established in 2007, Inomize is a fast-growing company and the largest ASIC design firm in Israel. Among Inomize’ customers are large international corporations and startup companies from Israel, Europe and North America. Find out more about Inomize at http://www.inomize.com.



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