Intel Announces $7B Investment in Arizona Semiconductor Fab

February 12, 2017, anysilicon

Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich, announced today during his meeting with the US president, Donald Trump, to invest seven billion dollars in the next 3-4 years setting up a chip manufacturing plant in the city of Chandler, Arizona .

Intel, the world’s largest maker of processors for personal computers (PC), will recruit 3,000 workers to the factory, whose construction was originally announced in 2011, but after nearly completed construction was abandoned by the company.


A White House official described the planned Intel facility as “the most advanced semiconductor facility in the world.” It will provide 3,000 high-skill manufacturing jobs, officials said.


“This will impact a wide spectrum of industries from automotive to health care,” the White House official said.

7 nm chips Intel factory will produce will be “the most powerful computer chips on Earth”, said today Krzanich, at a meeting in the Oval Office at the White House. Most of Intel’s manufacturing operations are carried out in the US, noted Krzanich.

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