Moortec’s In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem Supports Uhnder in Groundbreaking Digital Automotive Radar-on-Chip

December 05, 2019, anysilicon

Moortec, the go-to leaders of innovative in-chip technologies, today announced that Uhnder’s new automotive radar-on-chip (RoC) uses Moortec’s complete embedded monitoring subsystem solution to optimise the performance and reliability of their innovative Digital Automotive Radar-on-Chip device.


Austin-based Uhnder has produced the first ever digital radar-on-chip which offers smaller size, lower power, lower cost and the high resolution needed to deliver a 4D imaging radar for advanced safety in today’s cars while advancing the future of autonomous driving. While a strength of radar has always been its ability to operate in poor conditions (night, rain, fog, snow), a weakness of automotive radar has been its poor resolution, such as identifying two objects next to one another.


The Uhnder RoC also pioneers high contrast resolution (HCR) technology, which in addition to providing significantly improved range and angular resolution, also enables for the separation of small radar reflectors from large reflectors in proximity (“a child next to a truck”) providing more accurate reaction time for safety than today’s radar chip technology.


Manju Hegde, CEO and cofounder of Uhnder said “For this project choosing a well-established and reliable IP vendor to provide an embedded monitoring solution is incredibly important for the success of our design. Moortec’s highly accurate, highly featured sensing fabric allowed us to comfortably achieve our high-performance goals while meeting the automotive-grade reliability which is essential for these types of safety critical chips.”


“The level of resolution we are able to achieve would normally take four to six chips – multiple transceivers/receivers, multiple processors, and multiple ADC chips. We’ve put it all together on a single chip and achieved better performance which has been made possible by understanding and managing the conditions on the chip using Moortec’s in-chip monitoring IP.”


“We are very excited to support Uhnder in the development of the first digitally modulated Radar on Chip. The single chip solution comprising a combination of RF, analog, digital and baseband technologies presents many challenges in terms of integration. A testament to our leading in-chip monitoring solution is its support in achieving better performance & power management for the overall device,” said Lee Vick, Moortec’s VP of North America Sales.


About Uhnder

Uhnder is delivering the industry’s first digital automotive radar using a combination of advanced CMOS and Digital Code Modulation (DCM) technology. Uhnder’s approach and technology promises to transform the automotive industry by changing the way radars work and significantly improving performance with the additional benefits of smaller size, lower power and lower cost. The Uhnder RoC, operating at 76-81GHz, is unique because it integrates the radar analog front end, baseband, digital front end, digital back end and processing all on a single chip. For more information, visit www.uhnder.com.


About Moortec

Moortec have been providing innovative embedded subsystem IP solutions for over a decade, empowering customers with the most advanced monitoring IP on 40nm, 28nm, 16nm, 12nm, 7nm and 5nm. Moortec in-chip sensing products support the semiconductor design community’s demands for enhanced performance optimization and increased device reliability, helping to bring product success by differentiating the customers’ technology. With a world-class design team, excellent support and a rapidly expanding global customer base, Moortec are the go-to leaders in innovative in-chip technologies for the automotive, consumer, high performance computing, mobile and telecommunications market sectors.


For more information please contact Ramsay Allen ramsay.allen@moortec.com, +44 1752 875130, visit www.moortec.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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