Near zero power consumption for RFID chips with Dolphin Integration’s SESAME eLC standard cell library

For RFID Tags, dynamic power consumption is a critical performance as the capability to lower power translates into a wider range of detection (RFID tag read range) and a highest identification rate in the same range.


One of the main degree of freedom to improve power consumption of RFID chips is to optimize the digital part of the design.


The new generation of SESAME eLC standard-cell library at 180 nm is designed to safely operate near threshold voltage, down to 0.68 V +/- 10%, to provide up to 99% of dynamic power savings compared to sponsored library.


Such a comparison must be based on the Motu-Uta public benchmark to provide an objective metric to quickly assess the expected improvement.


Motu-Uta, the first benchmark for standard-cell libraries, is downloadable on Dolphin Integration website with no need for NDA.


Macintosh HD:Users:pmi:Desktop:SYMPHONIE:SESAME:Communication:Sesame eLC TSMC 180 G RFID:Grahique.png

Picture 1: SESAME eLC compared to a conventional standard-cell library (Dynamic Power Consumption versus Frequency) at 180 nm RFID.


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“Foundation IPs” includes innovative libraries of standard cells, register files and memory generators as well as an ultra-low power cache controller. “Fabric IPs” of voltage regulators, Power Island Construction Kit and their control network MAESTRO enable to safely implement low-power SoCs with the smallest silicon area. They also star the “Feature IP”: from ultra-low power Voice Activity Detector with high-resolution converters for audio and measurement applications to power-optimized 8 or 16 and 32 bit micro-controllers.


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