Racyics becomes Arm Approved Design Partner

August 28, 2023 − Dresden, Germany – Racyics®, Europe’s leading design house for mixed-signal System-on-Chip design in advanced nodes, has announced that it is now an Arm Approved Design Partner. Over the years of providing outstanding design services for analog, mixed-signal, and digital ICs including custom IP and Turnkey ASIC solutions, Racyics has built up a 22FDX ABX IP Platform that complements Arm IP ecosystem, enabling it to rapidly design custom ASICs with unparalleled energy efficiency for their customers.


“We are proud to be listed as an Arm Approved Design Partner, a result of our 15 years of dedicated expertise in SoC Design and Turnkey ASIC solutions. Achieving the status of an Arm Approved Design Partner stands as a crucial milestone in acknowledging our design skills and our commitment to quality.” said Holger Eisenreich, CEO of Racyics.


The Arm Approved Design Partner program is a global network of design service companies endorsed by Arm. To be part of the program, design houses must go through a stringent ARM auditing process to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.


“The Arm Approved Design Partner program gives an assurance that Racyics has been through rigorous testing and know how to implement Arm IP in the most effective and efficient way possible,” said Florian Bilstein, Director Design Service.


Having worked for leading European semiconductor companies, the Racyics team has contributed to numerous successful chip designs down to 7nm feature size for automotive, consumer and communication applications.


As GlobalFoundries® Channel Partner with a focus on advanced and leading-edge technologies, Racyics provides access to 28nm, 22nm and 12nm prototyping runs (MPWs).


To discuss a potential project, please contact Holger Eisenreich, CEO of Racyics ([email protected]).


About Racyics

Racyics® is the leading System-on-Chip design service provider in Europe. With Germany-wide locations in Dresden, Frankfurt/Main and Duisburg, the company offers design services for analog, mixed-signal and digital ICs including custom IP and turnkey ASIC solutions.​


The Racyics in-house design flow is enabled for various advanced FDSOI, planar and FinFET nodes from leading foundries.​ Since the establishment in 2009, they realized over 100 tape-outs for consumer, industrial and automotive applications.


With makeChip, an innovative Hosted Design Service Platform, Racyics provides an IT infrastructure with a full set of EDA tools, technology data and Racyics silicon-proven design flow for research institutes, universities, start-ups and SMEs.


Growing fast and continuously, Racyics moved to a 1200m² office in Dresden in 2015. The complete design team counting over 120 employees delivers professional services with a direct link to world class research of the Technische Universität Dresden, which is located next to the Racyics Dresden office.


For more information, please visit www.racyics.com.

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