Sankalp Semiconductor announces release of its eDP receiver IP for Chip on Glass Applications

Sankalp Semiconductor a design service company offering comprehensive digital & mixed signal SoC solutions today at 55th DAC 2018 announced release of its Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) receiver IP. DisplayPort offers high bandwidth, lower pin count and low power solutions for high-resolution displays. The Chip on Glass (COG) technology enables area efficient PCB design leading to significant reduction in system cost for notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices.


“We are excited to provide a customized eDP IP solution in the desired technology node tailored to our customer’s requirements,” said Dr. Vijay Pathak, CTO, Sankalp Semiconductor. “Our IP strategy involves design and porting IPs between technology and/or foundry nodes and providing support through custom IP services to ensure smooth IP integration in Display system designs.


Sankalp’s eDP receiver IP is compliant to eDP 1.4b receiver specification by Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) and is developed in 80nm CMOS technology supporting configurable data rates of 1.6, 2.16, 2.43, 2.7 Gb/s. This mixed signal IP is equipped with at speed BIST and several diagnostic features for in-situ performance enhancements. The IP comes with a complete set of deliverables that include GDSII, LEF, PHY Verilog/ AMS models, channel modeling support and simulation, associated scripts and comprehensive documentation including IP datasheet and SoC integration guidelines.


Sankalp offers services and solutions to its customers in key semiconductor domains including Digital, Analog, mixed signal, custom layout, standard cell development, IO, memory, IP migration services and PDK development. Sankalp Semiconductor provides services and solutions to develop Application Specific SoC (ASoCs) for variety of applications.


Sankalp Semiconductor founded in 2005 with a focus to serve the semiconductor companies primarily offering Analog & mixed signal design services. Today, Sankalp with a team of 800+ engineering professionals has design Centers in Hubli, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Ahmedabad in India and Ottawa, Canada. The company provides unique advantage to its semiconductor customers by enabling them at any point of semiconductor services life cycle with the ability to provide end-to-end solutions.



About Sankalp Semiconductor

Sankalp Semiconductor offers an integrated portfolio of services and solutions to its customers in key semiconductor domains including digital, analog, high-speed physical interface IP, Embedded Memory Compiler and EDA modelling. Sankalp Semiconductor is a preferred semiconductor design service partner to multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial IoT and Medical electronics space. The company enables its customers achieve their time-to-market window by delivering first time right silicon designs and engage with product engineering teams across the globe to design System-on-Chip. Sankalp Semiconductor is based in Sunnyvale, California, with offices in USA, India, Canada, Germany and Malaysia. www.sankalpsemi.com



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