Semiconductors Could Revolutionize Food Preperation

July 08, 2015, anysilicon

There are many methods employed in food preparations right from the Stone Age up till date, these methods have been increasingly evolving and getting better with time.


Food preparations started from burying food in the ground for the heat to cook it up, this goes on till the invention of fire, up till the evolution of electricity. The invention of electricity brought about the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy needed for food preparations.


But the discovery of semiconductors brought about the revolution of modern technology which is the main components in most electronic devices. As Technology advances with time, the use semiconductors is being employed to replace vacuum tubes in 1st generation computers and now Semi-conductors which can be transformed  into transistors, integrated circuits and also into Radio frequency devices, which manipulates the frequency of substances which changes their heat content.


freescale microwave


FreeScale is planning to introduce a technology that fits in with the modern convenience-oriented lifestyle, with an oven that could someday replace the existing microwave oven.


(Watch the demo here)


The early microwaves ovens has several drawbacks which has been prevailing over the year, these are uneven heating which results into cold spots and hot spots, the heat and radiations generated by the old microwave is uncontrollable therefore there is no preference in the type of foods to be heated and the amount of heat needed for specific foods.


The new Microwave oven technology by FreeScale gives us the overall control allowing the user to determine the exact amount of heat needed for the food, which takes off the worries of overheating, over cooking, diminished nutrients and also perseverance of the tastes. The use of this appliance doesn’t end with heating, it also goes along way it can also bake, poach, sear, brown and crisp food.


Another great benefit related to the Radio Frequency Microwave which uses semiconductors is that it will heat up our food relatively faster than other methods of cooking without sacrificing the taste.it will bring raw food from the frozen state into cooked temperature without any intervention.


Bon appetite!



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