Advantest v93000

There is little doubt that the HSM series has been remarkably successful thanks to its combination of advanced testing technology combined with the addition of proven products such as the Advantest V93000 test platform series. There are many reasons why this particular testing platform has been so successful, but for the most part it has to do with the emphasis on high test quality at a very low cost.

However, just how does the Advantest V93000 stack up compared to other, similar units that do their testing along the same scale?

What is the Advantest V93000?

Essentially, this is one in the line of celebrated testing systems by Advantest. The V93000 is used in research and development as well as validation labs around the world. The V93000 HSM for example is well tuned for design verification and engineering purposes thanks to its scalable performance. When you consider that the units are scalable and upgradable, this increases the value in purchasing this type of testing equipment.

The V93000 meets the basic requirements of today’s industry that include, but is not limited to the following;

–       High Speed Memory

–       Higher Performance Speeds

–       Greater Production Volume

–       Faster Overall Speed

The overall goals of the V93000 is to conduct its operations faster while still being a low cost unit. It achieves this goal by offering expanded functionality and parallelism that makes it useful in a number of different areas. By combining performance, flexibility, and functionality into one testing system, the V93000 has demonstrated itself to be virtually unmatched in terms of its testing procedures for its price range.

In addition, this member of the HSM series uses extensions that significantly expands it architecture to address the unique requirements for testing DRAM units. This makes it a very desirable unit for businesses that are looking to expand quality while not making a major investment in cost. In fact, some of the attributes of the V93000 actually pay off in the long run because of its overall scalability, control, and superb performance.

Why it Works

There are a number of reasons why this particular testing unit has worked so well for businesses around the world.

–       High Speed Memory

–       Scalable to 8Gpbs

–       Long Life

–       Low Cost

The high speed memory allows the testing device to run faster and more efficiently so more testing can be done in shorter period of time. Another advantage is that the unit itself is scalable up to 8Gpbs which means that you can make the necessary adjustments to fit your business needs. Because of the high quality materials used the device will last longer which brings down the overall cost which is very low to begin with.

It helps that the proven per-pin timing architecture of this platform delivers time and time again when it comes to addressing the most demanding of DRAM, DDR3, DDR4, GDDR, and XDR technologies. Plus, there is a flexibility built into the system that helps it adjust to future technologies along the DRAM line to ensure that it works for you even when changes are made.

It’s little wonder that the Advantest V93000 has been so highly praised given its many attributes. Its low cost makes it very affordable and cost effective for so many businesses.



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