Bluetooth IP Core

Bluetooth technology has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives and practically lives in our pockets- or in our ears. With the trend of becoming more and more disconnected while remaining connected with wireless technology gaining immense popularity, more and more companies are looking into Bluetooth technology to see how else they can apply and implement this revolutionary connective thread. But have you ever wondered, how exactly does Bluetooth work?


How Does Bluetooth Work?


Bluetooth IP core is a wireless communication standard that allows technological devices such as mobile phones and computers to connect to one another from fixed positions and transmit data over a small distance. In this manner, Bluetooth rids you of the need to connect the two devices or peripherals with cables and wires if you wish to transfer some data between them.


Bluetooth technology normally uses UHF radio waves from 2.400 to 2.485 GHz. It is overseen and monitored by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group or SIG. As of right now, over 30,000 companies are part of this organization, including the likes of Intel and IBM. Over the years, the organization has developed Bluetooth technology and introduced a variety of modifications in order to improve the transmission speeds as well as the quality of the connections and the transmission. The latest version of the technology has introduced lower energy consumption, lower costs, as well as an enhanced range.


The way that Bluetooth essentially works is that it creates a 33 foot radius wireless network in the local zone, which is called the personal area network or PAN. Any device within this range can be connected to the Bluetooth enabled device in your hand. The devices communicate with one another using low power radio waves that lie in the range mentioned before. At a tie, you can connect with up to eight other Bluetooth enabled devices in your piconet. In order to ensure that you do not interfere with the performance of any of the devices in your PAN, Bluetooth also employs the use of spread spectrum frequency hopping so that your device is not emitting the same frequency as any other device in the zone.


A Bluetooth device generally consists of two parts: a radio device that transmits and modulates the radio frequency signal, and a digital controller that acts a lot like a CPU, responsible for running the link controller and interfacing with the device it resides in. The link controller, subsequently, is responsible for processing the baseband, managing the protocols of the physical layer, coding the audio, as well as encrypting the data that is to be transmitted.


Bluetooth IP Core


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