DC to DC Converter IP Core

As is understood by the name of the electronic circuit, a DC to DC converter IP core consists of a circuit that is capable of converting a DC current at a particular voltage level to a DC current of another voltage level.  Most electronic devices operate at completely different voltage levels depending on the kind of ICs they are using. Instead of having to provide different power sources for each chip, you can simply employ the use of a DC to DC converter to provide varying voltage levels over a given range to each device respectively.


There are a number of different kinds of DC to DC converters IP Cores depending on the function that they perform and the kind of mechanism they use to make the conversion possible. For example, a step down or buck converter is responsible for converting the DC current down to a lower voltage level. On the other hand, a step up converter or boost converter does the opposite- it brings the current to a higher voltage level. If a DC to DC converter is capable of converting to both higher and lower voltages, it is referred to as a Boost Buck converter. We also have devices that can provide a negative voltage which may be required in certain applications. Such converters are known as Negative Voltage or Inverting converters.


The way this conversion works is through switching technology. The input energy is temporarily stored in magnetic or electric field components like inductors and capacitors and then it is released at a different voltage output as required by the device. This switching method can be used to both increase and decrease the voltage level. Another technique is the linear voltage regulation method. However, switching conversion is much preferred as it is much more power efficient as compared to the former. This is because linear voltage regulators tend to dissipate heat energy, making them less efficient and less reliable, particularly in portable device applications.


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