EEPROM stands for electrically erasable programmable read only memory. Much like ROM, EEPROM is a non-volatile memory that is used in electronic devices such as computer systems. It stores small amounts of data and allows the user to erase and reprogram parts of it when needed. Using specific signals, parts of the EEPROM can be erased and rewritten on a single byte operation basis.


One of the best parts about using an EEPROM IP core is that it generates its very own high voltage for the erase and does not rely on an external power source, meaning it only needs one external power supply inlet.  It usually consists of two transistors, with the storage transistor having a floating gate that traps electrons. Using these trapped electrons in its floating gate, it modifies the characteristics of the cell by storing either the logic of 1 or 0. The access transistor is responsible for the operations of the device.


Serial and Parallel EEPROM IP Cores


The serial access EEPROMs are much more commonly and frequently found in the market, making for about 90 percent of the overall share. They tend to be less dense than their counterparts, ranging from 256 bit to 256K bit, and also tend to be slower than parallel access. They are, however, much cheaper which is why they are frequently employed in devices and implementations that are considered to be a commodity or general use. A serial protocol normally has three phases, the OP-Code Phase, Address Phase, and Data Phase. The OP-Code is an 8 bit serial input pin of the EEPROM device, followed by an 8-24 bit long address phase, and the read or write data framing it at the end.


Parallel access EEPROMs, on the other hand, make for ten percent of the market share, but are typically more dense at over 256K bit. They also tend to be faster than serial access, are much more durable and withstanding, and are very reliable, which is why they are often used for more complex settings and situations. These devices generally have a higher pin count, at around 28 pins and even more.




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