JESD204B is a converter interface which has been created by the JEDEC committee in an effort to standardize the number of interconnects and I/Os between converters and semiconductors. The goal of this interface is to simplify and ease out the layout of the connections present in a single system and make it as small and impactful as possible by reducing the connections, inputs, and outputs. As such, JESD204B converter can help to reduce the size of the overall system as well as make it more cost effective. JEDEC itself provides ample instructions and guidelines to help customers maximize the effectiveness of this groundbreaking data converter.


The standard was introduced in 2011 and has a maximum late rate of 12.5Gbps.


As compared to its predecessors and competitors, JESD204B is more efficient, faster, larger, and cost efficient, making it one of the primary choices of many engineers. That is why this data converter is being utilized implemented across a multitude of fields and applications, including usage in radios that sue software, ultrasound equipment, transceivers, portable equipment and instruments, as well as radar technology.


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