MIPI stand for Mobile Industry Processor Interface. MIPI lays out the industry specifications for designs of mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, and other portable ethnological devices that are used frequently in everyday life. This standard is divided into three different types of layers, each of which defines the purpose it is used for. These include the D-PHY, M-PHY, and C-PHY. The latter two physical layers tend to be used to support camera and display applications whereas the former is used to support high performance camera, memory, and chip to chip applications.


MIPI standards allow mobile designers to adhere to certain standards when it comes to storage, display, camera, power, and other multimedia features of the portable tech devices. These standards were set by MIPI Alliance, which is a global organization dedicated to developing interface specifications of the sphere of mobile and portable technology. The MIPI standards and specifications do, however, only address the interface and not the whole application process, meaning that member organizations and companies will retain individual distinguishing features.

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