Multi-Time Programmable (MTP) Memory IP

MTP IP stands for multi time programmable memory IP and it is a non-volatile memory. This means that, unlike the one-time programmable memories, the multi time programmable memory can be reprogrammed and updated many times as needed by the user.


If the device needs a small memory that is able to be programmed and reprogrammed a number of times, then MTP is the answer to the question. Not only does it provide the reprogrammability feature, but it also costs significantly less and consumes lesser power than other forms of memory such as FLASH. The former is also able to support upto 1 million cycles, the high write cycle endurance making it an ideal fit for devices that need updates often. The reprogrammability factor also allows for constant customization of the connected device and can accommodate multiple users and updates to their profiles and preferences. Since it is a non volatile form of memory, the information stored is also retained even when the power has been turned off.


Lastly, external non volatile memories tend to be space consuming as well as quite expensive options, especially if you are considering the manufacturing of mass products such as IoT connected devices. In such cases, MTP cores are the perfect solution since they save up on space and tend to be relatively cheaper options.


Ultimately, it is pretty clear that MTP IP cores are the best options for anyone looking for ICs that allow the user to reprogram it, consume less power, and are cost effective.


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