Also known as Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, or Serial ATA, this is a computer bus interface which is used to connect ATA storage devices such as hard drives and solid state drives to the bus adapters of a computer’s motherboard.


Parallel ATAs are being replaced quickly by SATAs because of the numerous benefits they have over the former. One of the prime advantages of SATA over PATA is the fact that there is no competition for bandwidth in the former as each of the drives has its own bus dependent of the others. The use of smaller and thinner cables enables for better airflow as well, making the system more viable. Along with having better airflow, these cables are also longer, stretching out to over a meter in length. In addition to that, SATA devices also have only 7 conductors as opposed to the 40 that are employed in a PATA, making for much less electromagnetic interference.


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