Teradyne J750

Teradyne has helped set the industry standard for low-cost, highly efficient test equipment that applies to a wide set of micro-controller, digital audio baseband, and FPGA units and devices. The j750 series does nothing to change the opinion of many in the testing industry about the high standards that Teradyne demands from the equipment it produces.


You can find the j750 system available at more than fifty OSAT locations and is supported by a high quality set of production interface solutions that offer wafer sort as well as final test applications. The j750 is one in a number of units produced by Teradyne, but it does stand out in large part for its overall accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use.


What Separates the j750 from the Competition?


There are a number of aspects that help make the j750 stand out from the competition of similarly priced units. This is particularly true for companies that are looking to upgrade their testing while not compromising the overall quality.


Upgradable: One of the more noted aspects of the j750 is how the basic unit can be easily upgraded if you so desire. A j750 can upgrade to the J750Ex HD which expands its capabilities to meet your growing needs.


Low Cost: Considering what the unit has to offer, the price is very low and reasonable. Teradyne specializes in creating test equipment that offers a competitive cost so that businesses of different sizes and types can take advantage of the devices.


Time-Saving Software System: The j750 is designed with a user-friendly software system that not only makes it intuitive to use, but also provides for multisite functions which saves time in adjusting to new programs. This means that you not only save time when using this software system, but money as well.


Compact Design: The small size of the j750 belies its overall quality and efficiency as a testing unit. However, the compact nature of the design means that it uses the absolute minimal amount of space on the manufacturing floor for maximum efficiency.


Why j750 Works for Your Needs?


There are a number of reasons why this particular unit works well in the testing field. While one is certainly the low cost, it is the highly-praised software system that has drawn a considerable amount of attention.


The IG-XL software is very powerful, but simple to use which makes it perfect for engineers to test out programs which cutting down on development as well as debugging time. More importantly, it is designed for multisite use which means that it can flow from one testing area to another automatically. This speeds up the time it takes to test devices while delivering your products to market in a timely manner.


Because of the software system, testing engineers can actually spend more of their time conducting tests and not writing code or engaging in activities that do not advance the testing process. For companies that are looking to speed up the production process while also raising their testing standards, the Teradyne j750 is providing to be the right device for many different companies.

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