TSMC 16nm Process Overview

TSMC 16nm is a semiconductor technology that entered small quantity production in the year 2013. With TSMC 16nm process node, we can see an increase in transistor performance as well as memory and power improvements.


TSMC 16nm process works to improve on its predecessors by changing the density of transistors by over 100%.  With these improvements any SoC can actually increase the operation speed of the device by up to 65% as well as regulate and decrease power consumption by 70%. A large degree of the success in these devices comes from the FinFET transistors.



The TSMC 16nm process technology partially based its metal backend on TSMC 20nm process. TSMC has decided to reuse the metal backed to reduce risk and improve time to market and allow customers to tape out test chips.


With these types of improvements we can start to see big changes when it comes to mobile technology networking and computing application.

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