Signature IP chooses IPro for Sales Representation in Israel

ILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES — June 14, 2023 — Signature IP, a leading IP startup renowned for its configurable and flexible NoC platforms, has partnered with IPro Silicon IP, a top sales outsourcing provider in Israel. This partnership aims to bring advanced NoC and Connectivity solutions to the SoC design community in Israel, enhancing the flexibility and configurability of chip designs.


Signature IP is revolutionizing SoC designs by facilitating fast, flexible and configurable design of the NoC – the backbone of the chip. Our state-of-the-art technology enables designers to adjust the NoC topology, test various configurations, and instantly simulate the results. This crucial feature allows comprehensive exploration of the design space before any major architectural decisions are made, saving time and resources.


The Signature IP products bring unique capabilities to the table. They can create a unified coherent NoC design across chiplet crossings, enhancing the understanding of multi-chiplet designs. Additionally, the iNoCulator™ acts as a robust platform for a structured top-down chip design, further enhancing flexibility and configurability.


Purna Mohanty, CEO at Signature IP, shares: “IPro Silicon IP has a proven track record of supporting new IP companies in their growth journey into Israel. After developing first-class products, we’re thrilled to expand our sales into new territories, starting with Israel. We trust IPro and Mauro, their general manager, to lead our introduction to the Israeli SoC design market.”


Mauro Diamant, General Manager at IPro, notes: “Introducing SignatureIP to Israel will provide our SoC designers with new alternatives and stimulate healthy competition. The unique features of Signature IP’s NoC products, combined with the dedicated support of its team, make them a valuable partner to our SoC designers. We are excited to accompany Signature IP on their initial steps into the Israeli chip design”.


About Signature IP:

Founded in 2021, Signature IP develops advanced Network-on-Chip (NoC) solutions that form the basis for a comprehensive platform for SoC design. Our team boasts over 120 person-years of engineering leadership, specializes in interconnect, networking, datacenter, storage and connectivity IP, from specification to production.


Our mission at Signature IP is to speed SoC design by easily enabling modifications the NoC topology, various configuration settings, and instant result simulations. Once customers are ready to prototype or implement the NoC, our pushbutton RTL generation integrates directly with customers’ EDA and FPGA environments. Our SaaS tool architecture simplifies tool access and minimizes the burden on their IT department.


For more information about our cutting-edge solutions, Visit our website at: www.signatureip.ai


About IPro:

IPro licenses Silicon IP to the Israeli Chip Design Community, from selected IP companies world-wide. We deliver key functionality for your design through best-in-class IP partnerships and first-class support.


Operating at the same high standards of support and commitment that you have learned to trust along years of partnership, IPro continues a long tradition of engaged support and information exchange. We inform you, learn your needs, and provide IP solutions for your SoC design challenges, enabling you to reach the market with world-class IP products – fast!


For more information, visit www.ipro-great-ip.com

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