Silex Insight announces record-breaking speed for their ChaCha20-Poly1305 solution – 800Gbps (ASIC) / 100Gbps (FPGA)

Silex Insight, a leading provider for flexible security IP cores, announces increased speed for their Chacha20-Poly1305 hardware crypto engine that is geared towards high-throughput applications. The RFC7539-compliant IP core offers customers future-proof authenticated encryption between highly networked applications, for example in IoT or cloud computing. This IP core is available for ASIC and FPGA designs. With simple, straightforward interfaces, it is easy to integrate and highly scalable, which is a trademark of all Silex Insight’s IP cores.


This IP core is used to verify the data integrity and the authenticity of messages or packets. It provides authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD) using the Chacha20 stream cipher combined with the Poly1305 message authentication code (MAC). Its maximum throughput is 800Gbps with ASICs and 100Gbps with FPGAs, and it can be fully configured to match the specific throughput requirements of the application and hardware platform. For SoC solutions, the core can be combined with optional scatter/gather DMA for easy and efficient integration. Alternatively, this IP can also be deployed for encryption or authentication separately.


The ChaCha20-Poly1305 block may be combined with the AES-GCM Multi-booster, which implements a high-throughput AES-GCM crypto engine. This combination offers future-proof security, as Chacha20-Poly1305 is a mandatory AEAD (authenticated encryption with associated data) algorithm, as is the AES-GCM, in TLS 1.3. It is also a more secure alternative to older algorithms in TLS/SSL, the underlying protocol that secures most Internet communication in e.g. browsers (https), voice-over-IP, mobile devices and IoT applications.


“This ChaCha20-Poly1305 IP core does not only allow our customers to create dedicated ASIC solutions but also to create extreme high performance FPGA accelerators on existing cloud platforms like AWS or others” said Sébastien Rabou, Security Division Director at Silex Insight. “All of us at Silex Insight are proud of our R&D team who understand the market needs and develop accordingly which will benefit all our customers. Not only when it comes to speed, but also bring down their cost of ownership of their datacenter as more and more of the network and security processing can be offloaded to fast hardware”.


For more information on the Silex Insight’s ChaCha20-Poly1305, please visit https://www.silexinsight.com/chacha20booster


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Silex Insight is a recognized market-leading independent supplier of Security IP solutions for embedded systems and custom OEM solutions for AVoIP/Video IP codec. The security platforms and solutions from Silex Insight include flexible and high-performance crypto engines which are easy to integrate and an eSecure IP module that provides a complete security solution for all platforms. For custom OEM solutions for AVoIP/Video IP codec, Silex Insight provides high-end image and video compression solutions for distributing low latency, 4K HDR video over IP. Development take place at the headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.



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