Silex Insight launches DDR encrypter for High-Performing Systems (ASIC/FPGA)

Silex Insight, a leading provider of cryptographic IP solutions, is now extending their offering by launching a high throughput DDR encrypter (100Gbps). The DDR encrypter IP Core module enables on-the-fly encryption and authentication to the external memory. It is highly configurable and may be optimized for various size, throughput, and latency trade-offs. The core is device independent and is highly portable.



Many ASIC/FPGAs are now system on chip devices that contain an embedded processing hard-block. When data confidentiality is essential, it is necessary to protect the confidentiality of memory accesses performed by the processor. These accesses may be processor instruction fetches or general memory transactions. This IP core improves tamper resistance by avoiding any modification, spoofing or analysis of external data. It comes with optional authentication and handles multi-region management. The IP core is highly configurable with the possibility of area/performance trade-offs.



“We have received many requests from the market to offer a DDR encrypter with very high throughput that not only supports ASICs, but also FPGAs, including the UltraScale+ and Versal from Xilinx”. said Sébastien Rabou, CTO at Silex Insight. The unique architecture enables a high level of flexibility and allows it to be used by microcontroller and multi-core architectures. The features required by a specific application can be taken into account in order to select the most optimal configuration for any FPGA or ASIC technology”.


It supports AXI slave/master interfaces, APB port for configuration purpose. It is typically placed between the processor(s) and an external memory controller (DDRx). For more information on the Silex Insight’s DDR encrypter, please visit https://www.silexinsight.com/ddrencrypter



About Silex Insight

Silex Insight is a recognized market-leading independent supplier of Security IP solutions for embedded systems. Highly scalable and flexible silicon proven Security IP for embedded systems used in the ever-growing connected world of the IoT. All the turn-key solutions are compliant with most common industry standards (NIST and others). IP integrators can benefit from decades of experience in security ASIC and FPGA design. The security platforms and solutions include flexible and high-performance crypto engines which are easy to integrate and an eSecure IP module that provides a complete security solution for all platforms. Developments take place at the headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.


For more information, please visit www.silexinsight.com or follow Silex Insight on LinkedIN.






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