TI Factory in Greenock to Close Down or Transfer

March 17, 2016, anysilicon

Hundreds of jobs are under threat after Texas Instrument announced the closure of its Greenock factory.


TI said it would be closing the fab over the next three years, and moving its operations to fabs in Germany, Japan and Maine, in order to save money. Approximately 400 people are likely to be affected, in manufacturing, engineering, management and support. The company said it does not expect any job losses to occur before 2017, and it would take three years to fully transfer operations abroad.




The company stated: “Our employees have done everything they can to keep the site cost-competitive, and we strongly considered ways to improve the site’s efficiency, such as upgrading or expanding the facility.


“However, even with a considerable investment, TI’s factory in Greenock would be far less efficient than our other larger, more efficient fabs (fabrication plants), which have open capacity available to absorb what’s produced in Greenock.


“As part of this process, we are attempting to sell and transfer the facility as an on-going manufacturing operation (manufacturing related jobs, equipment, land and building).


“We have contracted with Atreg, a company that specializes in selling manufacturing properties, to help us with this.”



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