Able Electronics


IC back-end processing company which provides wafer and IC testing, wafer back-end processing, COB/COF/MCM, SMT & module assembly, and IC packaging services. Testing services include test program development, probe card manufacturing, and analog, digital, mixed signal, complex SOC, and ASIC wafer and IC testing.


Rapid prototyping and mass production service, from wafer (including MPW wafer) to the COB/SMT sample, or to the finished product.


R&D department is capable of designing complete product solutions according to customer expectations, and is also experienced in production line automation.


Wafer Processing

Able has been offering high quality wafer back end processing services for over 20 years. We are capable of processing multi-project wafers (MPW), and our high precision equipment allows us to meet stringent chip size and scribe line requirements.


Wafer processing services:


  • Wafer Backgrinding
  • Wafer Dicing
  • Die Attach Film (DAF)
  • Die Sorting

Test Services

Able is well-versed in wafer and IC testing for many applications such as: analog, digital, mixed-signal, memory, RF circuits, power IC, and large scale SOC.


Our 8000m2 testing clean room houses equipment including V93000, J750, T2000, D10, Chroma 3360, UF3000, P12, UF200A, and various types of handlers.


We use an advanced quality management system to ensure production efficiency and superior quality in program development, product testing inspections, equipment maintenance, on-line management, test quality management and final delivery.


Currently Able is providing test services for prominent fingerprint IC design companies, so we have built up a large capacity for fingerprint strip and wafer testing. Able’s R&D department has developed fingerprint testing equipment that has superior performance; our in-house designed equipment has been able to resolve many issues in the fingerprint testing mass production process. We have a complete and reliable quality assurance system for all of our professional testing services, as well as segregated production areas in order to protect customers’ intellectual property.


Able provides high quality COB bonding and die-on-die packaging services for a wide field of applications including: DSP, MP5, SD cards, SIM cards, flash memory, computer peripherals, medical equipment, and finger print lock etc.


Able’s COB/COF/MCM center has imported more than 40 sets of ASM automatic ultrasonic wire bonders, gold ball wire bonders, and automatic high precision die attach machines.

SMT & Module Assembly

Able is experienced in assembling wireless communication products, digital products, computer peripheral boards, medical equipment circuit boards, flexible printed circuits and more. We are capable of mounting a wide variety of parts including 0201 specification and high precision BGA chips.


Our production lines are comprised of equipment including: Panasonic automatic high speed mounters (Panasonic CM602-L), multi-function mounters (Panasonic NM-EJMBA), JUKI automatic high speed mounters (JUKI KE2060M), N2 Lead-free reflow, MINAMI automatic imprinters, and JT-JTA-320-2M off-line AOI inspector machines.

IC Packaging

Able’s IC packaging center has advanced equipment including ASM’s newest die bonder, gold wire bonder, auto trim-form system, and high speed auto testing and sorting handler. We also have cutting-edge analysis and detection equipment, including ultrasonic scanners, x-ray detectors, bonding tension testers, high-precision three-dimensional measuring microscopes, and coating x-ray thickness gauge.


Currently we are capable of SOP8/ESOP8/SOP16 packaging. Our second stage packaging project is already underway, and will allow us to process QFN/BGA etc. in addition to our current capabilities.