ALTER Technology


Alter Technology offers a one-stop shop offering a complete back-end service for IC manufacturers, from package design, assembly and packaging, testing and qualification.  This ensures all our clients’ needs and requirements can be met and minimizes the expensive capital equipment and personnel requirements of our clients.


Through our group of companies in Spain, UK, France and Germany we can offer end to end turnkey backend semiconductor manufacturing from wafer testing, dicing and singulation up to assembled and tested product.


Our expertise in semiconductor packaging solutions spans the full product life-cycle: from design through prototyping, process optimization, product qualification, failure analysis and volume manufacturing.


ALTER is a leading engineering company which provides reliable and agile solutions in engineering, procurement, packaging, assembly, and test to many of the world’s most innovative technologies, such as semiconductors, electronic equipment, and geospatial intelligence.  Our company is present in space, aeronautics, nuclear, automotive, medical and defense among many others.


Packaging & Assembly

We provide Microelectronics and Optoelectronics package design and assembly services from fast prototyping to production. Typical devices assembled include ICs & ASICs, MEMS, Sensors, Image Sensors, LED Chip-on-Board, Laser diodes, VCSELs and  Photonic Integrated Circuits. Our ISO7 clean room is equipped with a wide range of processes for overmoulded plastic QFN and high-reliability applications including wafer dicing, die-attach, wire and ribbon bonding, hermetic sealing and encapsulation.


Our process and design IP and know-how enable our customers to reduce development and manufacturing costs, accelerate time to market and reduce risk with any new product development.


Package Design:



Assembly Processes:



Advanced Packaging:


SIP, MEMs, Stacked/Multi Die QFN, Laser Modules for Quantum applications, others…

Electrical Wafer Sort & Final Test

With experts located in France, Spain and Germany Alter Technology covers a wide range of applications such as: Analog, RF, Mixed-Signal Digital, Optoelectronics, CMOS, Image sensors


  • Test Hardware development
  • Test Program development
  • IC’s characterization
  • Test transfer and Test platform conversion
  • Test Industrialization and production
  • ‘In-house’ Test Floor for small and mid-volumes (automatic probers and handlers)
  • Production sustaining


All major test platforms:


-UltraFlex, V93K, Spea, Credence

  • Handlers (-40°C to 180°C)

-Pegasus, Wentworth, TEL

  • Probers (-60°C to 150°C)

Qualification & Failure Analysis

Full in-house IC qualification according to standards AEC-Q100/x, ESCC9020/10, MIL-STD 833 or to customer specific requirements.



  • Burn-in and life testing HTOL
  • Preconditioning (e.g. JESD22-A113)
  • TC, TS
  • EMC


Failure Analysis

  • X-Ray Radiography
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)
  • Fine and Gross seal Testing
  • Internal/external Examination


Light laboratory: Testing of optical parameters

  • Radiometric & Photometric Spectral Measurements
  • Spatially resolved measurement of luminance


Radiation Testing: RADLAB Cobalt-60 Radiation facilities:

  • Total Ionizing Dose (T.D.I), Single event effects, Proton and Neutron testing

Material Analysis

  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF), EDS-SEM, FT-IR, RAMAN, XPS

Mechanical Testing

  • Vibration, Shock testing, Nanoindentation

Fast-turn IC Assembly & Prototyping

Fast Turn IC prototype packaging is a service offered by Alter Technology UK that provides a rapid-turn around of prototype IC devices, if required this can also be on a one day basis. Prototype assembly of ICs into standard packages accelerates evaluation of new designs, facilitates product iterations and offers low cost for small projects.

Alter Technology offer fast-turn IC assembly services into a wide range of ceramic and open-cavity plastic packages including;



Benefits of ALTER UK IC prototype packaging


  • Fast-turn around – Standard design 5 days, 10 days depending on complexity.
  • No minimum order quantity required.
  • Flexibility to handle last minute changes and deal with unique or non-standard die/wire bond layouts.
  • In-house variety of packaging requirements without costly set-up charges for jigs, fixtures and machine programming.

Pre-Qualify the product Design at one of our European’s Hub: ESD HBM & CDM, latch-up, HTOL including multiple ASICs designs.

Long-term Storage – Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier

Back-end Turnkey Solutions – OSAT Services

Alter Technology OSAT services unlocks a new chapter for semiconductor manufacturers in Europe, offering an end-to-end solution from packaging, assembly, and testing services to a full back-end turnkey solution including supply chain management, procurement, qualification, failure analysis and long-term storage.


Alter Technology has played and continues to play an important role in sensitive sectors such as Space, defense, security and aeronautics; our OSAT services will ensure that customer’s key semiconductors technologies, intellectual property, and critical supply chain elements remain under European sovereignty.

Alter’s partnerships with major OSATs also offer an entry to transfer back-end industrial solutions. This will allow customers, with starting low/mid volume a fast market presence and a mass production cost efficiency alternative. While maintaining Alter as single point of contact, the benefits are wide; supply chain risks mitigation with two production lines, forecast flexibility, internal quality controls and accountability in delivery and performance.


For more information, please contact: [email protected]