Ambit Semiconductors


Established by young entrepreneurs, AMBIT is a semiconductor design and intellectual property design company based in Bengaluru. The founders’ thirst for innovation and to explore the frontiers of semiconductor design, have led them to establish this company and take it forward successfully. The young team is equipped with expertise and experience into the latest technologies.


Physical Design

Physical design implementation is our forte. Our engineers are highly skilled in physical design implementation of various IPs like DDR, SERDES, USB, etc. Ambit spares no effort in hiring the best engineers with specialized skills and proven track record of IP hardening and who excel in chip level physical design end to end (RTL to GDS) implementations.


Netlist to GDS delivery

Partitioning and Floorplanning

Clock tree synthesis; specialized in clock mesh, cloning, clock buffers, Muti-source CTS

Routing; specialized in meeting tight arrival time skew requirements

Power (UPF/CPF) aware PNR

Flow automation and scripting

Gate-Gate Logical equivalence checks

RTL Synthesis and verification


RTL code synthesis using DC/DCT/RC

DFT insertion

Low Power

RTL-Gate Logical equivalence checks

Functional verification


Timing constraints development

Timing closure


ECO iterations

ETM generation and validation

Enabling and validating special timing requirements

IP Cores


Specialized in DDR implementations.