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Amkor’s broad package portfolio includes leadframe, BGA, CSP and WLCSP products. MEMS, sensors and SiP packaging with unique development and high volume production requirements are also supported. Amkor’s MicroLeadFrame® and ChipArray® BGA packages have become industry standards as QFNs and FBGAs. Large scale and complex 2.5/3D system solutions are supported using SLIM™ and SWIFT™ technology. Amkor also launched high volume copper pillar bumping and Package-on-Package (PoP) assemblies found in many smart mobile products.


Services include package design and development, wafer probe and package test, wafer bumping and redistribution, package assembly and final test. Engineering services offer best-in-class thermal, electrical and mechanical modeling and characterization as well as design automation. Test engineering services range from test program development to full product characterization of packaged RF, mixed signal, logic and memory devices.


As the provider of choice for semiconductor assembly and test, Amkor offers comprehensive manufacturing capability and scale along with a broad global presence.




Semiconductor Packaging

Advances in IC packaging are being driven by semiconductor technology and the explosion in the communications, automotive, consumer, networking and computing markets. Amkor is an industry leader in developing packaging solutions to meet these complex requirements.


To serve the diverse needs of world class semiconductor manufacturers, Amkor offers more than 1500+ different package formats and sizes, from traditional leadframe IC packages for through-hole and surface mounting, to the latest chip scale (CSP) and ball grid array (BGA) solutions required in high pin count and high density applications such as Stacked Die Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging, MEMS Packaging, Flip Chip Packaging, Through Silicon Via (TSV), and 3D Packaging. This broad product family allows Amkor to be a single source for a customer’s total IC packaging requirements from legacy devices to System in Package (SiP) solutions.

Packaging Technology

Amkor Technology is an industry leader in semiconductor packaging advances. Over the past decade, Amkor has developed new technologies that enhance and often drastically change the packaging industry.


As technology advances at a more rapid pace and consumers demand customized products, Amkor leads the evolution of those new packaging technologies with one of the strongest R&D teams in the industry. Amkor’s staff includes more than 300 leading semiconductor packaging experts with a focus on design and development efforts for new technologies that will further advance the value of packaging and lead to total solutions for customers.


Amkor has been instrumental in the development of almost every new packaging technology advance, including thin package formats and BGA packages. Amkor is focused on developing technology such as System in Package (SiP), Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS), Through Silicon Via (TSV), Through Mold Via (TMV®), Copper  wirebond, Copper (Cu) Pillar, improved interconnect with flip chip technology, and 3D solutions such as stacked die and SLIM™ and SWIFT™ packages.

Design Services

Amkor’s world class design center has a long history of designing semiconductor packages and processing thousands of new customer designs every year.  As a result, the company provides an unparalleled level of package design expertise and best in class leadframe, laminate, or a wafer level design services, including:


  • High quality, reliable and cost effective designs
  • DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and DFC (Design for Cost)
  • Highly trained and experienced design staff
  • Excellent customer design collaboration to meet thermal, electrical and mechanical requirements
  • Design automation and support
  • Use of state-of-the-art design software
  • Design Chain Management and Design Chain Optimization


Amkor World Class Design Center Locations


Amkor’s world class design centers are strategically located in the US, Korea, the Philippines, China and Taiwan, providing expertise in all aspects of package design from the existing product line to next generation technology. The worldwide design team works together to ensure that customers receive fast, courteous and professional design services.

Test Services

Amkor provides a complete range of semiconductor testing services including wafer testing, system level testing, strip testing, final testing and complete end-of-line services including final shipping. With test operations in China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan, Amkor enables fast feedback, streamlined logistics and short cycle times. In addition, many specialized logistical services are offered, including security certification and anti-counterfeit measures.


A large variety of device types can be tested across all package families, including radio frequency, analog and mixed signal, digital, power management, memory and various combinations such as application-specific integrated circuits, multi-chip modules, System-in-Package (SiP) and 3D stacked packaging. MEMS packages such as biometric devices, accelerometers, gyrometers, haptics, pressure sensors and other types can also be tested.

Amkor’s test hardware and contacting solutions are aligned with advanced bump and package technologies. Examples include custom package size SiP, dual-sided contacting solutions for Package on Package (PoP), TMV PoP, FusionQuad® sockets, multiple-row MicroLeadFrame® (MLF®), and probe solutions for Fine-Pitch Copper Pillar.


Amkor’s test equipment and test floors are well integrated with CIM/CAM tools, yield analysis and performance monitoring to deliver very high efficiency and first pass yield. Numerous adaptive test processes for customers, distributed test flows for SiP and other complex assembly flows are supported.

An experienced technical staff provides a full range of test consultation, development and engineering services across the customers’ entire product lifecycle. As industry experts, they understand the unique markets and testing requirements for SiP, MEMS and Sensors, RF/wireless, wafer level packaging and 2.5D/3D Through Silicon Via (TSV) devices used in communications, automotive, consumer, networking and computing applications.

Turnkey Services

As the demand for outsourcing continues to grow and supply chains continue to shorten, Amkor is committed to providing an increased role in the customers’ value chain. To this end, Amkor offers a full line of value-added semiconductor services.


Amkor can add value by becoming involved in a customers’ projects as early as possible. By using two specialized semiconductor services, Electrical Package Characterization and Thermal Package Characterization the company facilitates a better understanding of how a device will react both electrically and thermally once inside a finished package. Having this knowledge at the beginning of the design phase helps designers make better decisions in developing a superior performing end product.


Getting involved at the die design phase also allows Amkor’s Packaging Design Center to create the optimum package for any device. IC design experts can advise on how specific aspects of the device will interact with a given package design to help optimize the device performance.


Add to this, Amkor’s expertise and experience in providing wafer probe or test solutions for the entire spectrum of integrated circuits through geographically diverse test service facilities. Located worldwide for customer convenience, Amkor offers IC test services for any device, from simple digital logic, complex ASIC, high speed digital, memory, mixed signal and RF/Wireless devices.


These semiconductor services along with die processing & inspection, package signal integrity analysis, failure analysis, qualification testing, engineering support and an online customer center combine to make Amkor a valuable link in the customers supply chain.