We provide custom IC design services with a specialization in analogue and RFIC design for the IoT sensor node market. We work with you to define the required architecture, undertake the system design and the circuit design to ensure success. We realize security is a great concern in the IoT market and offer a number of options to increase the security of your solution.


AnalogueSmith provides RFIC, analogue, and mixed signal ASIC design services specializing in CMOS processes.  Our specializations include:


  • CMOS PA design
  • SOI CMOS RF switch design
  • CMOS Transceiver architecture and circuit design
  • RF system design


We are focused on design for IoT sensor nodes, but we work in other markets as well.


RFIC Design

Full transceiver design from antenna to bits and back again.


Analogue and RFIC design sits at the outer edge of all electronic products. Whether it be a sensor interface, a radio standard transceiver, a power management and conditioning solution or even the PLL of a clock generation circuit for a processor,  analogue and RF circuits are critical to all integrated circuits. At AnalogueSmith we have over 25 years delivering performance circuits for real world solutions.

IoT Sensor Node Design

We have expertise in RFIC, analogue, and mixed signal design in CMOS processes. This combination is the exact combination required for the design of IoT sensor nodes.

An IoT sensor node will typically contain analogue processing of the sensor data, A-to-D conversion of the analogue signal and transmission using a wireless standard such as Bluetooth or NB-IoT. Our expertise is in all these areas.