Aragio Solutions


Aragio is a limited liability corporation (LLC) with headquarters in Plano, Texas. The Company is a full-service provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for integrated circuit (IC) design. Aragio focuses on design solutions for input/output (I/O) system interface cells used for package interconnect. Full I/O library solutions, with robust electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, are provided for complex integrated circuit padring designs. Aragio serves a very niche market for I/O libraries within the semiconductor industry. The company provides uniform I/O pad sets for a wide range of applications, semiconductor foundries and technologies. It is significant that all IP is owned by Aragio Solutions and nearly all IP developed since the company was formed in 2003 is still in demand and will continue to be in demand for the next decade. As a recognized world leader, Aragio provides its services to numerous clients across Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Europe, and North America.

IP Cores

General-Purpose I/O (GPIO)

Aragio’s wide portfolio of general-purpose I/Os is targeted to meet the critical performance, power, area and reliability (ESD and latch-up tolerance) requirements for IC designs. 


These general-purpose I/O circuits include a full set of power pads, corner pad cells, breakers and spacers. These designs are implemented with special design considerations for power supply sequencing requirements. Distributed Power-on-Control (POC) is used during power up and power down of the systems.

ESD Protection

Aragio offers ESD Protection for:


– USB 2.0

– RF

High-speed I/O

Aragio offers High Speed I/O for:


– subLVDS

Memory Interfaces

Aragio Solutions offers I/O pads for a wide range of memory interfaces:

– DDR – SSTL_2

– DDR2 – SSTL_18

– DDR3 – SSTL_15




Aragio Solutions offers I/O pads for a wide range of special interfaces:

– USB 1.1





– (r)GMII

– PCI 3.0