ASIC North


ASIC North, Inc. provides VLSI circuit design services to the Semiconductor industry. We work with Fab and Fabless Semiconductor companies at various levels, including execution of entire projects, complementing customers’ existing design teams, and providing engineering staff as needed. In addition, ASIC North develops and provides intellectual property, such as data converters, power management, and RFID subsystems, to our customers. The majority of our work is done with CMOS and SOI technologies from 180nm down to 7 nm. ASIC North has Design Centers in Burlington, VT, Raleigh, NC and Phoenix, AZ.


ASIC Design

Since our doors first opened for business, asicNorth has been developing ASIC products in the most advances technology nodes and using the “best-in-class’ industry standard EDA tools.  The asicNorth ASIC Design team consisting of over 30 members (many with advanced degrees) averaging over 25 years of industry experience.


Today asicNorth engineers are developing chips and subsystems using 14nm FinFet technologies and each day show our Customers the value of hiring one of the premier ASIC design organization in US.


Successful ASIC design execution requires rigorous adherence to a thoroughly validated and proven design flow to ensure design performance objectives are achieved.  At asicNorth our experience in ASIC design has perfected the follow design flow:


  • Digital Logic Design (RTL)
  • Logic Verification using System Verilog & UVM


Digital Implementation:

  • Constraint Development
  • Synthesis
  • DFT Insertion & ATPG
  • Static Timing Analysis & Closure
  • Place and Route
  • Logical Equivalency Checking
  • Physical Verification
  • Tape-out & Sign-off

Analog / Mixed Signal ASIC Design

Specializing in Analog / Mixes Signal circuit, design, the asicNorth Analog Circuit Design team consisting of over 35 members (most with advance degrees) and armed with industry standard EDA tooling, we “Bring Analog / Mixed Signal to ASIC Design”.


The asicNorth Analog Circuit Design team has over 21 year of industry experience with expertise in a wide variety of process technology, fabs and focus areas.  Below is list of the main areas our designers work in:


High Speed Serial Links

IP Conversion

Analog to Digital Converters

  • 10 & 12 bit / SAR and Pipeline architectures
  • Low Power
  • Digital to Analog Converters (Multiple Architectures)
  • Phase Lock Loops, Bandgaps and Regulators

RFID circuits

  • ASK demodulation , Clock and Data Recovery, Power harvesting, Charge Pumps

RFIC circuits

  • RF Transceiver, Frequency Synthesis, Analog Baseband conversion, LO Generation, etc

Light Detection

RF ASIC & IP Design

RFIC Circuit and System Design Experience


Mobile Communication Systems:


  • Cellular Systems (AMPS FM, CDMA, W-CDMA, LTE)
  • Paging Systems ( VHF, UHF, 900MHz Bands)
  • Mobile Video Tuners (DVB-H, MediaFLO, ISDB-T)


Embedded Connectivity Systems:

  • Personal Area Networks (Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, etc.)


Fabless Semiconductor Experience Across Many Technologies.

  • Experience with SiGe-BiCMOS, CMOS RF, and Standard CMOS Process
    Nodes from 0.35um to 14nm


Block Level IP up to and through RF SOC integration experience.


  • RF Transceiver Front End, Analog Baseband, Data Converters
  • Frequency Synthesis, LO Generation
  • AGC, DC offset correction, On-chip Calibration, RF and Analog BIST
  • Top Level Design and Integration

Turn-Key Design & Supply Chain Management

The asicNorth team of multi-disciplined engineers can take a complex embedded system and transform it into a highly integrated single chip solution which can improve almost every aspect of the product’s performance metrics.


The asicNorth designer use best practices when developing turnkey ASIC solutions for our customers.  Quality, Communication, and Functional Integrity are our first priority as we craft the next generation of their products.


The following is an example of the approached used by asicNorth for our turnkey design projects:


Turnkey Design:

  • Silicon “Right the First Time”
  • Designs optimized for maximum performance and minimum size
  • Latest Packaging Technologies


  • Industry Leading Technologies



  • Full In-house Characterization
  • Reliability Testing Partnerships



  • Capable of handling all ranges of volumes

Managed Supply:

  • Proven Vendor Relationships
  • Expert Product Handling

IP Development / Verification / Characterization

IP Conversion:

  • Design Migration & IP Porting
  • Optimize Performance, Power, Cost



Verify IP and ASIC Performance:

  • ASIC Infrastructure
  • Libraries, I/O’s, Memories
  • Complex Hardened IP
  • Analog/Digital Cores, PLLs
  • Process, Voltage, Temp. Corners

Characterization Infrastructure:

  • Thermal Forcing
  • Multiple Power Domains
  • Flat Pack & Ball Grid Array Modules
  • Wafer Probing (Up To 300mm)

IP Cores

Pipeline ADC

12-bit, 125MS/s, Power scalable.


10-bit, 2MS/s, 12 channels

6-bit, ultra low power

10-bit, 512kb/s, 8 channels

12-bit, 512kb/s, 8 channels


RFID Building Blocks

RFID Voltage multiplier

ASK Demodulator

Voltage Reference

Voltage Regulator

Dickson Charge Pump

Voltage Regulator

1.8V to 1.5/1.4/1.3/1.2V