ATS Engineering


ATS Engineering Ltd provides an all-around solutions to meet the wide range of customer test specifications and requirements.


The ATS Engineering facility works with the OEM at all stages – design, development and testing – to qualify electronic devices for end use in industrial sectors including Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Communication, Electronic and other specialized and advanced Industries.


The ATS Engineering’s combination of expertise in the development of test solutions for component characterization and production as well as state-of-the-art ESD, reliability and failure analysis capabilities, produces a competitive advantage for our customers in optimizing end product performance and accelerating time to market.


ATS offers turn-key solutions from customer tape-out to delivery of finished goods to the end customer.



ATS Engineering develops test programs for many kinds of devices on various test equipment as per Customers’ requirements.

Within that scope, we provide the hardware design and manufacturing of the load boards and other required interfaces.

ATS Engineering offers its customers Turnkey solutions from RTL to final goods.


Our services include:

  • Test Program Development on various test equipment such as Advantest 93000 platform
  • Probe-cards and Load-boards; development and manufacturing
  • Device Characterization
  • Transfer to production sites of the final test program and ramp-up
  • Pre-Production Testing
  • Automatic Final Testing of packaged devices (on-site)

Qualification & Reliability

ATS Engineering offers a variety of Q&R testing options to meet all the requirements in the different segments in the semiconductor industry such as Automotive (AECQ100), Aerospace (SAE), communication (JEDEC), Military (MIL STD) and others. Our highly talented and experience staff will ensure your product’s accelerating development and will significantly shorten your product’s TTM.


  • High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL)
  • High Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)
  • Temperature Cycling Test
  • Temperature Shock
  • Temperature Humidity
  • Preconditioning
  • ESD Test
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscope (C-SAM)
  • Temperature Humidity Biased (THB)
  • Gross and Fine Leak

Failure Analysis

ATS Engineering’s Failure Analysis Department supports its OEM customer’s needs in collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of failures, either engineering, manufacturing or material failures. Within our FA services we support:


  • PCB First Article Inspection
  • Cross sectioning
  • Optical Microscopes with Image Analysis
  • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS
  • SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscope)
  • Die shear test
  • Solder Dip Test
  • Wire Bond Pull testers
  • Hermeticity Testing
  • Die and Pry Testing
  • PCB auditing
  • IC Plastic Package Decapsulation

mmWave Automotive / 5G Device Testing – Up to 81 GHz

ATS launched a revolutionary test technology target to Automotive semiconductor radar devices that operate in a frequency range of up to 81 GHz.

It enables our customers to perform all necessary mmWave tests accurately, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives, while increasing test coverage and reducing DPM (Defects per Million) to provide a crucial competitive advantage.

The implementation of our technology is done on the Load-Board by using a special device that has 48 channels TX/RX in high-band and 24 channels in a low-band, connected to the Unit Under Test.

The integration could be done almost on any kind of tester since the mmWave signals are measured by external instrumentation mounted on the Load-Board. The frequency range is scalable subject to the DUT and goes up to 81 GHz.


The measurements capabilities are (also scalable according to customer’s requirements):

– Power

– Frequency

– Isolation

– 1 db compression

– And others


Technology Advantages:


– Dramatic test cost reduction

– Multi sites testing capability

– Highly accurate real-time testing of T/R properties

– Independent frequency bands in TX and RX

– Functional test with complex signals

– Power reading and signal sourcing