BLRLABS (Bangalore Labs) is founded in 2016 by Industry veterans with over 150 years of experience in VLSI and Software Industry having successfully delivered multiple products. We specialize in SoC Physical Design Turnkey (RTL-to-GDS2) execution having done several Tapeouts in 3nm and above, very High speed, Mixed signal, Low power, CPU and Area optimized designs for Wireless, Play station, Consumer, IoT, Networking products. Our CEO is a Chip Architect with 22+ years experience and over 50+ Tapeouts.


Our Skills in RTL design, DFT, DV, IP Verification (PCIE, Ethernet), Analog design & Layout, Embedded hardware & software, Software, Verification & Validation services. With the flexible business models, BLRLABS (Bangalore Labs) extends services either in Full Ownership Turnkey, ODC mode or at client location to augment the customer engineering teams. Our Full chip experience is second to none. 


The teams are experienced in product design and development from requirements capturing, architecture, project planning, design, Chip Estimation, implementation and validation & can provide nuanced inputs for improvements.



BLRLABS with a proven pyramid team, has the capability of taking Ownership Model based Design Services from Concept to Silicon. Team has immense expertise in latest technology node (till 3nm as of this date) with industry standard tools as well as specific industry tools.

Designs worked on by our design team are cost-effective, high-performance & low power projects under the right leadership.


Our design team possess expertise right from architecture specifications, till silicon bring up catering to low power, high performance at block level, sub-system level and SoC level designs.

Areas of expert offerings are in.

  • RTL Design for concept to code in System Verilog.
  • Design Verification for complete code coverage and functional verification using SV-UVM.
  • DFT with expertise in Scan, MBIST, and other tests using Mentor tools.
  • Chip Architecture in terms of Single or Multichip solutions for low power, High performance designs.
  • Synthesis and constraint development and validation.
  • STA (pre-layout and post-layout) signoff. Formal Verification
  • Floorplanning, Chip Estimation, IO selection, Flip chip, Area Array, Wirebond, WLCSP, MPW, Hierarchical Designs
  • Physical Design from Netlist to GDSII including all signoff closure using Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor tools, 
  • Low Power Design and Ultra Low power methodologies with UPF/CPF formats.
  • Analog Design Layout & Methodology with foundry supply chain.
  • Circuit Design and transient Analysis.
  • Memory Designs.


Some Projects Done just in last year:

  • 6nm TSMC Turnkey for Startup. It is a Mixed Signal chip. Freq 400Mhz. RTL2GDS2. 
  • 22nm IoT chip Turnkey for Renesas. 300 clocks, 26 Power domains, 2 Neural Processors, High voltage power critical chip. Synopsys Tool flow+ Caliber. Wrote Constraints
  • 6nm TSMC Full chip for AMD. Main ownership was Full chip timing of 2800 clocks, 3.2Ghz.
  • Verification of PCIE & SoC Verification for Nokia


BLRLABS service portfolio spans from product requirement, architecture and design, development, system integration, testing and validation and aftermarket support.

Expertise across domains:

  • Application development for Linux, RTOS, Android and custom firmwares
  • Middle-ware software for multimedia, protocol stack, system management
  • Device drivers for connectivity, storage, network, multimedia and sensors
  • Platform adaptations for boot-loader, OS, processor and platform architectures
  • System-wide power management
  • Software optimization for foot-print, timings and KPIs/benchmarks


Key Projects:

  • Modem L1, L2, L3 for NBIoT for ALIF Semi
  • Device drivers for Power management and Audio for Exaleap


IOT Service Models:

Custom Design Solutions We build and deliver solutions designed around your specific business goals using our insights across technologies and industries as well as expertise across practice areas that span strategy, design and development and post production.


Idea to Proof of Concept:

Translating great idea into proven concept requires agile technology partners. We offer technology consulting and development services to validate idea with mock-up products, applications and data simulations. The blueprints approach ensures our customer for building successful product.


Chassis, Parts and Assembly:

We understand realizing your connected product service be achieved by Co-Creating with ecosystem partners. Be it designing your product framework, sub-systems that add value or anchoring the solution development as system integrator you entrust on BLRLABS.