Bruco Integrated Circuits

The Netherlands

Bruco Integrated Circuits is a fabless design center focusing on RF IC, Analog/Mixed-signal IC design and RF Power application design. We provide design services and turn-key solutions from early system specification to qualified silicon and take care of the supply chain during product lifetime.


Our designs can be found in many products close to home like, mobile phones, lighting, industry, cars, and personal entertainment. Our team of highly skilled people consists of over thirty IC design and application engineers with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees with various backgrounds and about eight different nationalities.


Bruco IC has a design office and RF measurement laboratory in Borne (HQ), the Netherlands, a design office in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and a design office in Berlin, Germany. Bruco IC solutions and expertise is covering the following key areas:


  • LNA, Switch and PA designs for connectivity (Wifi) and cellular FEM
  • MEMS sensor driver ICs
  • Gate and motor driver ICs
  • Integrated Photonics TIA and Driver ICs
  • Doherty amplifier (LDMOS and GaN) application design, manufacturing and RF test
  • IC validation and charterisation
  • Electronic system design and support
  • IC design support, IC design up to GDS2 and turn key IC design including supply chain


Smart Integrated Power

Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications:

  • Power converters and low-drop output regulators
  • Earth fault circuit breaker ASIC
  • Lamp drivers for LED and QL
  • Controlling external power mosfets
  • Alternator Voltage Regulator
  • Controlling battery charge
  • Resonating mirror driver @ 80V with accurate position detection system
  • Power Management

Wireless Communications

Base Stations and Mobile communication:

  • LNAs for high-end cell phones
  • PLL for satellite receivers  ~15 GHz
  • Medium PA including power and, bias circuitry 400 MHz-   2.7 GHz
  • WiMax amplifiers and mixers
  • Zigbee radio 2.4 GHz
  • Doherty amplifiers

Radar systems:

  • S-band and L-band amplifiers
  • Jammer amplifiers
  • RF front-end for smart antenna satellite communication


  • 10 Gb/s transceiver for 100μm diameter,
  • Beam forming 2-axis, mirror array driver ASIC
  • LIN, CAN, SPI, communication busses
  • LIDAR system
  • MEMS micro beamer, angle measurement of mirror
  • 10 Gb/s transceiver (100μm/2m copper wires)


Radio Frequency (RF) energy applications use controlled electromagnetic radiation for heating processes for processing food and materials. Today, magnetron tubes commonly generate this energy but tomorrow, it will be generated by a solid-state semiconductor which offers among others higher reliability, controllability and overall process efficiency.

Typical applications are: Solid State Cooking for Professional and Commercial use, Industrial Heating, Plasma Lighting, RF Ignition and Defrosting.

In Bruco IC we offer customize RF design services to cover needs on this market:

  • 2.4GHz solid state generator.
  • 915MHz solid state generator.
  • 433MHz solid state generator.

Characterization and Testing

  • Frequency up to 26 GHz
  • RF power up to 1kW
  • Shielded noise-figure measurements
  • Fully Automated Environment
  • Temperature range: -40ºC … 125ºC
  • Mechanical workshop for milling and drilling and prototyping

EDA, Consultancy and Training Services

  • On-site Consultancy
  • Electronic Design Automation support
  • Tailor-made Trainings
  • Product lifecycle management

Supply Chain Management

Full supply chain management.

Management of inventory and transportation.

  • Wafer ordering and production follow-up
  • Quality control
  • Subcontractor management
  • Cost optimization through test efficiency and yield management

Customer return and FA (Failure Analysis).


  • ISO 9001:2015