BTA Design Services


BTA Design Services Inc. is a pure-play services company that specializes in ASIC and FPGA design and verification services.  We provide resources to augment and enhance client teams or deliver complete and verified designs to spec.  There are no limits to how we engage with our customers and we are proud of our ability to adapt.


BTA Design Services has been serving the electronic design community from Canada since 2002.


BTA Design Services recognizes that our success is directly related to the high caliber of our staff and our ability to both meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


With decades-long industry contacts and partnerships, supplier approval at Tier 1 customers, and most importantly, brilliant staff with an AVERAGE 20 years of experience, BTA Design Services is in an enviable position in the market.


RTL Logic Design

  • Experience with SOC/ASIC/FPGA designs
  • Micro-architecture
  • RTL logic design entry – SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL
  • Designer testing, debug and verification closure with DV team
  • Synthesis, STA and timing closure working with back-end team
  • Lint (logic, CDC)
  • System modelling (behavioral and acceleration models, co-simulation with RTL)
  • Experience with major CAD tools
  • AMD (Xilinx) Affiliate Partner


Experience in following domains:

  • Chip top level, sub-systems, blocks, custom IP
  • Networking (wired, optical, wireless)
  • 5G, 4G, LTE
  • Graphics/video, mobile, consumer
  • Mil-Aero
  • AI, deep learning, inference
  • ARM or RISC-V processor sub-systems
  • Common internal interfaces (AXI, AHB, etc.)
  • Common external interfaces (10G-400G Ethernet, PCIe to Gen 6, USB, etc.)

Functional Verification

  • Verification environments (chip, sub-system, block)
  • Verification (test) plans
  • Functional coverage models / definition
  • SV/UVM and other methodologies
  • Constrained-random functional coverage and code coverage
  • Verification reuse
  • VIP development and integration
  • Test writing and debugging
  • Coverage analysis and closure
  • Regression management and optimization
  • Verification sign-off

Place and Route / Layout

  • Full RTL to GDSII flow
  • Blocks, sub-systems, chips
  • Floor planning, placement, routing, clocks, power
  • STA, extraction
  • Physical verification (LVS/DRC)
  • Focus on FinFET – experience down to 3nm
  • TSMC, Samsung and other foundries
  • Power analysis (including Redhawk expertise)
  • PnR flow setup in new bleeding edge process nodes
  • Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor tools

Architecture Design

  • Requirements validation and refinement
  • Feasibility analysis, technology selection support
  • Functional specification
  • High level architecture
  • Detailed architecture
  • Specs drive design and verification approach

FPGA Prototyping and Emulation

  • Custom or off-the-shelf FPGA platforms
  • Prototyping whole ASICs or scale/partition approach
  • SW or HW emulation to support verification acceleration
  • Support for early software integration
  • AMD (Xilinx), Intel (Altera), Lattice

Leadership and Consulting: Technology Selection, Methodology, Planning, Audits


  • BTA can provide leadership for turn-key solutions (spec to design complete) or embedded teams
  • Offload client management, enable project execution when there is also a leadership bottleneck
  • Industry veteran leaders



  • Feasibility studies
  • Process node technology selection
  • High level development strategy and planning
  • Methodology
  • Audits and reviews

IP Cores

Custom IP Core or VIP Development

  • BTA will develop your IP core or VIP to spec