ChipGlobe has 15+ years ASIC design, verification, software, implementation, layout and firmware expertise for digital and mixed-signal designs. The implementation and verification of FPGAs and the realization of complex embedded systems are complementary.


We work with business models such as insourcing (on site with project support and ChipGlobe Managed Consulting) and outsourcing (execution in the Chipglobe Design Centers with on-site manager at the customer).


For Embedded Systems we offer turnkey designs.


Our teams are globally positioned (Munich, Belgrade, Singapore).


Our expertise lies in the areas of automotive, telecommunications, security and networking. We provide security for successful design implementations for all technology nodes.


We support you with prototype/application solutions including sensors, based on secure hardware for secure wireless and wireline applications. The range is from new design of secure electronics hardware including PCB to adding hardware based security to your existing products (e.g. home automation, IoTs).



  • RTL Design: VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC
  • Gate Level Verification
  • Analog Design
  • Synthesis
  • STA (Static Timing Analysis)
  • DFT
  • Test simulation
  • Pattern ATPG
  • Formal Verification
  • Floor Planning
  • Place&Route
  • Power Analysis, UPF
  • Linting, CDC Checks
  • Physical Verification (DRC/LVS)
  • CTS
  • IR Drop Analysis
  • Low Power and Multi Voltage Designs
  • Prototyping
  • Broad tool experience with Cadence, Mentor
  • and Synopsys environments

Functional Verification

  • Constrained random coverage driven verification
  • Mixed signal metric driven verification
  • UPF/CPF power aware verification
  • Verification planning and verification management
  • support of SystemVerilog, UVM, Verilog, VHDL, SystemC, e environments
  • setup of testbench architecture
  • Languages: e, System C, C++, SystemVerilog, RNM (Real number modelling), Verilog, Verilog-AMS, VHDL
  • Constraint random coverage driven verification
  • Mixed signal metric driven verification
  • Portable Stimulus
  • Secure Designs and verification based on ISO26262

Frontend Design

  • Cadence: JasperGold ®, Incisive ® Enterprise Simulator (HAL), Conformal ® Constraint Designer, Genus™ Synthesis (RTL Compiler), First Encounter®, Tempus™, Genus™ (RTL Compiler), Modus™ test, Conformal®, Incisive® Enterprise Simulator
  • Mentor Graphics: DFT Advisor, BSD Architect, MBISTArchitect™, LBISTArchitect™, Tessent® Testkompress®, Fastscan™, Modelsim®
  • Synopsys: SpyGlass®, SpyGlass® CDC, Design Compiler®, PrimeTime®, MSSTA (mixed signal), DFT Compiler/DFTMAX™, TetraMAX®, VCS®, TetraMAX® LBIST,
  • DFT and ATPG
  • Synthesis
  • STA (Toplevel, hier. Design, Macrolevel, mixed signal)
  • Constraining (General, DDR, SerDes Interface)
  • Formal Verification
  • VHDL and Verilog Design Expertise
  • RTL Validation and Linting
  • Low Power and Multi Voltage Designs

Backend Design

  • Ansys/Apache: ANSYS® Redhawk™
  • Cadence: Conformal® Equivalence Checker, Conformal® Low Power, First Encounter®, Innovus™ (Encounter®), Quantus™ QRC, Physical Verification System (PVS), Voltus™
  • Mentor Graphics: Calibre®,
  • Synopsys: Formality®, IC Compiler™ (ICC, ICC2), Star-RCXT™, ICV / Hercules™, Primerail
  • Physical Layout
  • Layout
  • Layout Verification
  • IR Drop Analysis
  • Low Power and Multi Voltage Designs
  • Functional Verification
  • Cadence: Incisive® XL, vManager™, mixed signal extention to Incisive® Enterprise Simulator, Low Power extentions
  • Mentor Graphics: Questa® verification platform products, Modelsim®
  • Synopsys: VCS® Verification Platform products

Embedded Systems Design

  • Secure hardware based security designs for LAN/WLAN and IoT, cloud access.
  • Connection to Amazon cloud and other safe german clouds
  • Analog/Digital Design
  • Hardware Development
  • PCB Layout, Prototyping and Testing
  • Firmware Development
  • Software Design and Development
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Software Application Development
  • Hardware Board Design and Development
  • Bring-up drivers and Diagnostics
  • Porting of custom OS and Core Applications
  • Hardware Board Redesign and Improvement
  • BSP creation from scratch for different processor arcitectures and Real Time OS, Linux mainline kernel configuration and adjustment, versatile peripherales driver development support

Software for Desktops and Servers, Digital Signal Processing and algorithm development, interfaces of a large number of different devices with USB, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP…