Chipus Microelectronics


Chipus Microelectronics is a semiconductor company specialized in the development of low-power, low-voltage, analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP) blocks for integrated circuits (ICs) and systems on chip (SoCs). Flexible and customized design services complement our portfolio, ranging from feasibility studies and design of analog circuit blocks to turnkey ASIC Development Services solutions. Capable of working with all top EDAs, we focus in providing high-quality, committed design and consulting services. Our industrial experienced analog IC designers, with background in top IP and IDM European semiconductor companies, are the key for reaching compliance with today’s aggressive time-to-market requirements.


IP Customization

Chipus customizes analog and mixed-signal (IPs) based on our extensive portfolio of Silicon Proven IPs. Flexible and fast customization is possible due to an internally developed design methodology process. Chipus believes of analog IP as a modular and adjustable building block. Hence, removing unnecessary features and adjusting some parameters is easily done, while maintaining performance, reliability and quality. Adding new features is a task that also benefits from a large IPs portfolio and its module-oriented design.

IP Porting

As IP company, Chipus regularly port out IP blocks from one process technology to another. In order to achieve this, we implement a special porting process, which enables us to perform this very efficiently, but very reliably in a very short period of time. It is possible to apply the porting process to any analog mixed-signal circuits, which enables us to port quite complex circuits or even entire libraries of blocks within a short period.

System IC Simulation and Integration

System level simulation is needed to verify functionality and performance of a complete system IC. However, as it is a trade-off between simulation time and accuracy, such simulation often requires methodology solutions to manage the complexity of specific designs with the accuracy to detect specific potential problems. Chipus can assist in defining the right verification methodology, often consisting of mixed level simulation. Integration of silicon-proven IPs together with the customer’s or third parties IPs is another service we can provide smoothly at system level for complex SoCs and ASICs.

Supply Chain

Beyond the IC design, Chipus can manage the interaction with the entire supply chain, from the product concept to production ramp up:


  • Foundries
  • Packaging
  • Testing


While maintaining a very close relationship to some supply chain partners, Chipus is not restricted to them and our experience enable us to work with a wide variety of suppliers to match your choice.

Turnkey Solutions

The experience in delivering turnkey solutions to customers give us a comprehensive knowledge of the whole IC design flow and supply chain, from the product concept to production ramp-up. We maintain close relationships with foundries, packaging and test houses, enabling us to provide you a complete solution for your IC design need, including close support during production, test, development and manufacturing phases.

IP Cores

Power Management

Our product IPs meet requirements fulfilling the need for either ultra-low power consumption ICs together with very high voltage device capabilities, without losing performance. Likewise, the need of a high voltage interface has become fundamental in our design approach, meeting today’s fast growing market demand and applications in power management.

Data Converters

Our Data Converter IPs products help designers bring mobile and wireless communication SoCs in a reduced time-to-market, providing the solution per customer’s needs. We offer you our expertise in mobile and wireless communication applications to help you achieve your goals, where our IPs feature high performance, high speed and ultra-low power dissipation in a small area, also available in a wide range of process technologies.

Clock Management

Our clock management IPs are designed to reduce time-to-market, risk, maintain performance and to avoid the use of off-chip passives. Main features highlight ultra low power consumption and high temperature stability. We have started to develop new IPs using a new design approach, in which they are designed from scratch to be flexible, employing modular blocks that can be easily customized. Within the boundaries of the block capabilities, we analyze which parameters must be flexible to the user and assure that performance under process variations, power and area are met.

Sensors and Actuators

Our sensors and actuators IPs are designed to work on Li-Ion battery supplied systems. They are suitable for capacitive touch sensing and are designed to drive leds, as power switches and relay actuators, while meeting requirements for low power switched systems.

Front Ends

Our front-ends IPs are suitable for environments with high supply variation, they are targeted for ultra low power consumption assuring high sensibility and performance. With built-in PMU, our front-ends are highly compatible and reliable, ready for implementation in the designer application.