Chipus Microelectronics


Chipus Microelectronics (ISO 9001:2015 certified) is a semiconductor company focused on the development of mixed-signal ASICs, intellectual property (IP) blocks and IC design services. The company has more than 200 analog IP blocks in process nodes from 22nm to 0.35um of various foundries (including power management). Since its foundation in 2008, Chipus has worked with customers worldwide (South and North America, Europe, and Asia) with firm commitment and flexible client support.


Besides analog and mixed-signal expertise, Chipus also offers custom digital IC design services having successfully delivered designs in FINFET technologies from RTL to backend. Headquartered in Florianópolis, Brazil, Chipus has a US subsidiary in Silicon Valley and sales teams in both USA and Europe.


Full turnkey ASIC

Chipus provides full turnkey ASIC solutions targeting applications such as consumer, industrial, optical communications, medical and automotive.

Building on top of proven IP, our experienced team works closely with the customer to capture all specifications and design the chip that enables the product, always focussing on bringing solutions.

Relying on a close relationship with foundries, test and package houses in several regions of the world, Chipus is able to provide spec-to part, RTL-to-part and GDS-to-part solutions.

Being very specific, each ASIC will have it’s own custom supply chains to address the characteristics of the ASIC such as high volume, low cost, high performance and IP confidentiality.

It is also important to mention that Chipus is capable of providing replacement for EOL’ed devices delivering pin-to-pin compatibility to avoid rework on proven and qualified products.

IC design services

Flexibility is a remarkable issue when discussing design services. Chipus provides custom design services with highest quality and very flexible engagement to make sure the project fits all customer’s standards. Our design services include analog layout, custom analog design, digital design, functional verification and digital backend implementation.

Our team can either work in our local environment or log in to the customer’s servers and work remotely.

Analog and mixed signal IP

In more than a decade of history, Chipus created a vast analog and mixed signal IP portfolio covering power management, clock management, analog signal acquisition and processing, integrated sensors and RF front-ends.

We are always investing in new IPs in different technologies to make sure we are driving innovation. Our IP portfolio spams from mature 0.35um down to present-day 22nm. Chipus has proven experience with wide used processes such as CMOS, HV, BCD, FD-SOI as well as niche processes such as SiGe and high temperature.

Porting among technologies and processes is a low risk ordinary activity given that our experienced design team departs from proven IP and reuse not only the IP itself but also the knowledge.

Supply Chain Management

Beyond the IC design, Chipus can manage the interaction with the entire supply chain, from the product concept to production ramp up:


  • Foundries
  • Packaging
  • Testing


Our manufacturing partners are located around the world and Chipus will build custom supply chains to best address the needs of the project. Chipus is ready to manage low cost ASICs as well as high end products in both low and high volumes.

Team augmentation

In order to deal with peaks of demand and tight schedules, from time to time, companies need extra resources. Chipus is ready to support customers with experienced design (analog and digital) and layout resources.

Our team can respond directly to customer’s management and attend internal meetings if desired by the customer. Chipus strives to be flexible and provide the best support possible.

IP Cores

Power Management

Chipus has been working on power management IPs since the inception of the company in 2008. Our power management portfolio includes voltage and current references, power-on resets (POR) , linear regulators (LDO), LED drivers, load switches, switched  DC/DC converters (both buck and boost) including SIMO DC/DC, configurable battery chargers as well as complete power management units (PMUs).

Chipus main focus is to achieve low power consumption and robustness having delivered successful IPs in BCD, HV, CMOS, FD-SOI consuming only a few nA in more than 30V environment.

Data Converters

Our Data Converter IPs include both ADCs and DACs down to 22nm. Our Data Converter IPs products help system architects bring mobile and wireless communication SoCs in a reduced time-to-market, providing the solution per customer’s needs.

Chipus counts on SAR, pipeline and sigma-delta ADCs with sampling rates from ksps up to 300Msps focused on several applications.

Clock Management

Our clock management IPs are designed to reduce time-to-market, risk, maintain performance and to avoid the use of off-chip passives. Main features highlight ultra low power consumption and high temperature stability. Our clock solutions cover 32kHz frequency (or lower) up to several MHz delivering high temperature stability and calibration capabilities down to 22nm.


Our sensors and actuators IPs are designed to work on Li-Ion battery supplied systems delivering low power consumption. Chipus counts on capacitive touch sensors, light sensors and a wide variety of temperature sensors with different performances targeting different applications.

Front Ends

Our RFID front-ends IPs are suitable for environments with high supply variation. They are targeted for ultra low power consumption assuring high sensibility, performance and small silicon area. With built-in PMU, our front-ends are highly compatible and reliable, ready for implementation in the designer application.