CoreHW offers high quality full custom RFs, analog and mixed-signal IC Design Services, IPs and ASIC Solutions with cutting edge performance for semiconductor products. We are experts in synthesizers and RF Front end area including PAs, LNAs, Switches and antennas. Multibit AD/DA converters are also our expertise.


CoreHW is a fabless semiconductor company established in 2013 in Tampere, Finland. CoreHW develops full custom RF, Power Management-, Data Converter and High Performance Analog IC and IP. CoreHW high performance IP are optimized for low power consumption and small die area. We support you in the IP integration, verification, productization and possible customization. Both black box and white box licensing models are available. We offer design services for customers worldwide, with over 20 years of experience gained from leading communications companies and research hubs. We are passionate about exploring the possibilities of integrated solutions and dedicated to our customers. We believe these are the reasons we are one of today’s fastest growing IC companies. “If somebody can do it, it is CoreHW.”


IC Design Services

RF, Mixed Signal and digital design and verification:


We provide state-of-the art turnkey RF IC chip solutions and design services. Today we are investing on own IoT and 5G RF product development. We have a unique competence on RF IC, RF System, Antenna and Algorithm design focusing on Antenna + Phase Array RF Front End.  We believe that this kind of technology will be a central piece in future radios.


Highly experienced Layout design services for Top level RF, analog, mixed signal and digital designs.

Semiconductor IP & Chip products

CoreHW IP Library > 200 IP

Frequency synthesis: PLL, VCO, DCXO

Transceiver: Receiver and Transmitter

Power management: DCDC, LDO, Bandgap reference

Data converters: ADC, DAC

Antenna switches

Antennas: chip antennas

Full cycle ASIC and SoC Turnkey Solution

CoreHW provides the Full cycle ASIC and SoC project management services together with our broad IP portfolio and partner network.


System design => IC design => Test => Qualification =>

ASIC characterization services

Custom ASIC test and characterization services.

Partner Access

CoreHW is participating in GLOBALFOUNDRIES RFwave and FDXcelerator programs.

IP Cores


CoreVCO is a VCO chip consisting of two radiation hardened wideband SiGe VCOs (VCOPMOS and VCOBJT). Excellent phase noise performance in a wide frequency synthesis range and intrinsic radiation tolerance makes CoreVCO a trusted solution for demanding environments and applications, e.g. space applications and military communications.


CorePLL is a versatile frequency synthesizer solution with ultra-low power, high performance and small size. Power consumption is only 18mA from 1.35V supply (24mW).  CorePLL has high integration level: two fully integrated PLLs with integrated VCOs and loop filters for inter band Carrier Aggregation with two bands. With its 3GPP all band, all feature support, CorePLL fits to various application areas.


CorePLL6G is comprehensive solution for 5G applications. Dual Wide Band Frequency Synthesizer with Integrated VCO and Loop Filter. CorePLL6G is versatile frequency synthesizer solution with small size, high performance and ultra-low-power. Power consumption is 50mA from 1.8V supply (90mW). CorePLL6G supports variety of different systems and reference clock frequencies.


CoreADC is High-Performance Multi-Purpose Configurable 16bit SAR ADC. CoreADC consist of 2 parallel SAR ADCs with sampling rate up to 2MS/s. Performance can be optimized to different applications, up to 100MS/s. 5mA/ADC from 3,3V supply (33mW). CoreADC supports variety of different systems and timing scenarios.


CoreDCDC is a High Efficiency DCDC system for Power management ICs. CoreDCDC has controllable output voltage 0,5 – 3,3V, analog and digital control. Versatile solution with small size, high-performance and ultra-low-power.

Antenna switch

CoreHW has designed various Antenna switch devices based on RF SOI technology to all cellular standards requirements.


CoreHW has designed various Antennas both in IoT and cellular system application. Ask also CoreHW chip antennas.

CoreHW IPs