CSEM is Europe’s leading ultra low power ASIC design provider. With roots in the Swiss watch industry, CSEM is today an acknowledged reference in the fields of ultra-low power and low-voltage RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC design. Our expert designers have proven experience in translating customer requirements into high-quality ASIC designs to optimize cost, performance and time-to-market in close cooperation with the customer. CSEM’s services range from IP licensing and customized analog IP block design, through to full-custom ASIC and SoC design and delivery. Served markets include wearables, IOT, medical, industrial and home automation.


ASIC and SOC design

Ultra low power analog, digital and mixed signal design.

RF IC design.

Image sensor and vision sensor design.

Fabless design using the World’s leading foundries (TSMC, GF, TowerJazz, XFAB…).

CMOS technologies from 0.35um to 40nm.

Typical applications: wearables, smartwatch, IOT, sensor interfaces, medical, industrial, home automation.

Flexible engagement model from feasibility studies and silicon IP block design to full turnkey SOC design and production.

Silicon IP licensing

High-performance and low power IP cores for licensing.

Silicon-proven, with extensive documentation and expert technical support.

Available off-the-shelf or customized for specific needs.


  •  2.4GHz RF transceiver IP for BLE and IOT
  • ULP DSP cores for critical power-sensitive applications

Ultra low-power 2.4 GHz transceiver for Bluetooth Smart & IoT

The icyTRX ultra-low-power RF transceiver is designed to meet standards such as BT5.0 (Bluetooth Smart), 802.15.4 PHY Layer (e.g. ZigBee), and proprietary protocols with data-rates from 62.5 kBit/s up to 4 Mbit/s. icyTRX offers less than 5mW consumption in receive mode from a 1.0 V supply. icyTRX is a complete transceiver, including RF front-end and digital baseband (modem, packet-handling…) that is designed for miniaturization, yielding a die size of less than 1.6 mm2 in 55 nm CMOS, requiring minimal external components thanks to high degree of integration. icyTRX is silicon-proven and, with an extensive support package, is designed for easy integration into ASICs and SoCs.

Ultra low-power icyflex® processors

Based on its long standing expertise in ultra low power processors for the Swiss watch industry, CSEM now offers three variant in its icyflex family of ultra low-power processors:

  • icyflex2 for control type applications with power consumptions as low as 6 μW / MHz
  • icyflex1 for a mix of control and DSP-type applications
  • icyflex4 for a scalable architecture capable of some control and massive parallelism for DSP-type applications