Cyient Ltd is a public limited company registered in year 1991.  We are a well-established global fabless semiconductor services and solutions provider. We are known for our cutting-edge process technologies, world-leading foundries and EDA tools, and best-in-class engineering capabilities. Our comprehensive solutions address complex ASIC, SoC & FPGA across the most advanced semiconductor process technology nodes up to 10/14/16nm FinFET.


We have an outstanding track record of “first-pass silicon success” across more than 300 ASIC tape-outs and over 25 turnkey FPGAs, boards, and systems.


We comply with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13845:2003& ISO27001:2005 standards and have delivered over three and half million engineering hours to our clients from industries such as industrial, communications, automotive, networking, storage, medical and consumer products.


Cyient provides flexible model to engage at any stage of the design and delivers fully tested silicon to the customers :

Specs to Silicon

RTL to Silicon

Netlist to Silicon

GDSII to Silicon


ASIC Design

Inherently traditional application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design employs a complex process that varies significantly according to the analog, digital or mixed-signal design type. As a design house and end-to-end service provider, we at Cyient are well equipped and capable of becoming an extended arm to the IC design companies. Our ASIC design group offers expertise in realizing IC designs from concept to silicon. We provide disciplined mixed-signal ASIC design services and system-on-chip solutions for custom and unique applications. Our depth of knowledge in design, verification, design for testing (DFT), physical design and silicon validation helps us provide a complete solution to the client.


In detail we offer


Concept & Feasibility study

Hardware and Software partitioning

Cost estimation and evaluation

Architectural design

RTL Implementation


Synthesis and Timing Analysis

Formal Verification

FPGA Design and Development

Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design services include high-density FPGA-based design, register-transfer level (RTL) development and coding, functional verification, device fitting and timing closure, IP development and integration, turnkey designs and test suite development.

We at Cyient offer services with traditional FPGA flows as well as ASIC methodologies to enhance the overall quality of the FPGA-based designs. We provide turnkey development services in FPGA for high-speed bus interfaces, integration of modules, and multimillion gates complex design. In addition, we offer the entire gamut of services—from concept and specification development, to chip design and final board-level target hardware. Our expertise in ASIC- and FPGA-based domain-centric system development is extensive, and our teams have access to a large repository of generic, reusable RTL designs developed in-house.

Design Verification and Validation

Design verification deals with the analog-mixed-signal verification, SoC-level verification, IP-level verification, design complexity, language and methodology, and the third-party verification. The validation process, on the other hand, includes pre-silicon, post-silicon and system validation.

At Cyient, we are involved in the development of advanced verification environments using HVLs (high-level verification languages) with OVM (open verification methodology) and UVM (universal verification methodology). This involves techniques such as constrained random generation, functional coverage, and assertion-based verification. Our strong emphasis on both digital and mixed-signal designs has helped us gain considerable experience in mixed-mode simulation methodologies. We also have a dedicated team of AMS (analog-mixed-signal) experts who can create a range of mixed-signal verification environments for complex mixed-signal ICs. And we have helped our clients develop the latest verification environments using the Verilog-A/AMS and RNM modeling.

Our expertise spans across simulators, debugging tools, formal verifiers, and hardware accelerators from all the major electronic design automation (EDA) tool suppliers. We act as a one-stop shop for verification and validation across the product life cycle—from software and hardware testing to hardware and software integration testing.

Specifications to GDSII

Specification to GDSII (spec-GDSII) service includes RTL design and integration, functional verification, synthesis and formal verification. It also combines design for testability (DFT), ASIC prototyping, physical design, timing closure, foundry interface, testing, packaging and chip qualification, post-silicon validation and complimenting services.

Our semiconductor professionals at Cyient have the domain knowledge and the implementation expertise for end-to-end execution of an ASIC/ASSP. They are actively involved from the conception stage—from building the best architecture, to developing efficient models, and generating the best design to deliver first-pass-success chipsets.

We focus on providing complete solutions for complex SoC and system designs, with best-in-class engineering capabilities and the most cost-efficient business models.

Custom IC design

Custom IC design platform includes integrated solutions for design capture, floor planning, custom routing, polygon editing, physical layout, schematic-driven layout, concurrent editing and chip assembly. We at Cyient provide full custom layout design services to the global semiconductor industry. Our services include analog, RF, mixed-signal, memory and digital layout designs. Our specialty lies in high-end analog, mixed-signal, and digital layout services.

We maintain high standards in our layout design through:

  • Hierarchical design
  • High reliability
  • Smallest die size