DA-Integrated is a leading global provider of Comprehensive Production Test Solutions and Custom ASIC Design and Supply.


With core expertise founded in IC test and manufacturing, DA-Integrated provides services in all disciplines including: IC Design, DFT, Test Development, Supply Management and Production.


Real world experience with 100+ Customers and 500+ Chips equips our team for successful execution of IC design, product introduction and supply, optimizing Time-to-Market, Development Costs, Product Margins, and Quality.


ASIC Design and Supply

Our customers include system, module, and component companies in a broad range of technology and application spaces.


Example applications: modules, transducers, wearable sensors, datacom, medical devices, security, telecom, photonics, consumer electronics, automotive, and many more.


Determine the optimum IC Solution for your product


We work with Executives and Product Managers, contributing to:


• system level architecture and chip level requirements definition

• feasibility analysis, technology selection, development and manufacturing cost estimates, evaluation of return on investment

• selection of an optimal supply model

(Off the shelf, FPGA, ASIC, full custom IC)

•creation of an end-to-end development and manufacturing project plan


Customers access the entire experienced DA-Integrated team leveraging deep expertise in all aspects of development and supply.


Proven, flexible and transparent engagement model


• Full turnkey ASIC service

• Integration of customer IP and technology

• Provision of services and development of custom IP and DFT for customer-driven IC developments


DA-Integrated offers services in IC definition, IC development, product introduction and supply.


DA-Integrated contribution during development and supply phases is based solely on customer requirements. Factors include supply model, customer internal capability, and leveraging our network of design and supplier partners.


DA-Integrated is your Virtual Semiconductor Division


Our breadth of experience and knowledge of best practices ensures superior service and sound advice. A carefully selected network of trusted design and manufacturing partners means high quality, on-time delivery. DA-Integrated is a completely integrated IC Design, Test Development and Supply Services Provider.

Comprehensive Test Solutions

Global Leaders in Test Development Services


The highly experienced DA-Integrated Test Development Team implements solutions on best-in-class ATE and custom systems housed on our test floor.


We also offer a unique combination of complementary services Including IC Design, Product Introduction and Supply Management.


Test-Related Design Services and IP


DA-Integrated IC design expertise includes DFT, Analog Design, Digital Design, Verification and Physical Design. Our experienced IC designers are acutely aware of manufacturing considerations and ATE compatibility of IC products.


Whether contributing value during the IC design, by developing and implementing test and test access features, or by providing enabling expertise during test bringup, DA-Integrated offers a unique service solution.


Low Volume and Specialized Production Services


Support for early production during development and smooth transition to volume is critical


• DA-Integrated production floor runs 24/7

• ISO9000 compliant, CGA and iTar approved

• Prototype sampling, qualification screening, design debug, early pre-production and production test

• Low volume/high complexity test solutions and high volume/cost sensitive test solutions

• Multiple ATE and custom testers

• Probe and package handlers

• Backend support capability such as bake, packing, tape and reel

• Inventory storage and management


Product Introduction, Product Engineering, Supply Management Services


Product costs and security of supply can impose heavy technical and logistical challenges.


Our expertise extends beyond Product Development and into Product Introduction and Lifecycle Management. Services include Operations and Quality Systems Implementation and Management, Planning and Execution of Characterization, Validation, Reliability Qualification, Statistical Process Control for all manufacturing steps including foundries and local or offshore production test.