DXCorr Design


From designing the next generation devices to bringing the latest processing and architecture technologies to market, the semiconductor industry continues to face new challenges at all times. Today’s increasingly large and complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs in deep submicron technologies have created a tough situation for the designing engineers. Whenever the industry shifts from one bleeding edge technology to another, the rules change and new constraints emerge leaving the designers perplexed. In such cases, the designers find it difficult to abide by the new rules while designing a chip. They implement the digital designs in bits and pieces, but customers look for a partner who has considerable knowledge when it comes to semiconductor design process. This is where DXCorr Design comes in. The company is focused on understanding the implementation of SoC and analyzing it in terms of Power, Performance and Area.


Design Services

Every design is different. Sometimes all of your needs can be met by standard building blocks. But from time to time, you need something really unique to differentiate your design from the competition. DXCorr looks forward to discussing your custom requirements. Our team of hard working engineers will work with you to deliver the most competitive design, be it the most complex ASIC design, or a complex graphics or a processor core, to be hardened in the latest process technology. The combination of our highly optimized physical IP, specific custom block or cell and our expert physical design teams will give you exceptional results. Contact us and we will help you build the greatest product that wins the market.


RTL Design and Design Verification

Process Migration and Cost Reduction

Physical IP selection and Trade-Off Analysis

Logic Synthesis

DFT Insertion [Mentor] and Verification

Chip Partitioning


Clock and Power Planning

Timing Constraints Generation

Place-and-Route and Timing Closure

Clock Tree Synthesis

Chip Finishing and Quality Control

IR Drop and EM Analysis

Routing and Signal Integrity Closure

Sign-off Extraction and Timing and Noise Verification

Physical Verification (LVS, DRC and Antenna)

DFM and Parametric Yield Improvement

Full Chip Tape-Out

IP Cores

Standard Cells Libraries

Just because Standard Cells are common building blocks doesn’t mean that they have to be generic.
DXCorr provides standard cell solutions that make your designs stand out. We provide highly targeted solutions to meet your unique power and performance requirements or we can analyze your current performance issues and augment your existing library with a set of “kicker” cells for a significant and easy performance and power improvement.


In a world seeking faster networks and more efficient processors, expertly designed CAMs provide a significant competitive advantage.
DXCorr’s engineers are CAM specialists, providing, power-efficient, high-speed binary and ternary CAMs.
Our CAMs are far from generic solutions. We match each CAMs, functionality, performance, power and area to the precise requirements of your design.


With extensive experience in memory design services coupled with a strong background in development of memory products we are strong in development of High performance and High Density SRAM’s. SRAM Low power features and techniques are Power gating, slack based power optimization, Unique low power architectures for low voltage operation. Few of Multiple power modes supported in SRAMs are Deep sleep mode, Standby, Power down. Extensive Standard feature-set supported in SRAMs.



  • Integrated BIST and Scan hooks
  • Aspect ratio control
  • Top level metal choice
  • Pipelined output
  • Design margin bits
  • Write assist
  • Write through
  • Row/Col redundancy


Custom PDK and PCELL

High-quality PCells and PDKs can significantly reduce design time and errors. Unfortunately developing a complete solution is resource intensive and requires specialized expertise.
DXCorr’s automated PCell generation approach is based on decades of full custom design experience and can be used to guarantee correct-by-construction design.



Register Files

Your competitors all use memories from the same few vendors. It’s no surprise that their designs all look alike and share power, performance and area characteristics.
Now there is a way to avoid this trap and exceed the capabilities of common IP. DXCorr’s memories are optimized for high-performance with added power-saving features.
We enable your designs to perform like your designs, not like everybody else’s.