eesy-ic GmbH offers customized and high-performance solutions for analog and mixed signal ASICs with a special focus on signal conditioning, data-converters, and RF. It offers tailored, reliable, and cost-effective solutions based on cutting-edge technologies for consumer, industrial and RF markets. Therefore, the portfolio contains IP protection, IC definition and specification, IC design and layout as well as IC characterization and verification. Precise production test development, the production itself and application support is also part of the eesy-ic portfolio to offer optimal solutions for size and precision. As young, dynamical but experienced company, eesy-ic develops powerful solutions for tomorrow.


Analog Design & Layout

The eesy-ic development team has been working together for over many years and has led many projects to a successful result. We have over 100 years of collective experience in designing integrated circuits. From analog and mixed-signal design and layout to characterization, verification and product testing, our goal is to fulfill each client’s specific needs.


Our Services:

  • References
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Comparators
  • Analog voltage regulators
  • Power switches
  • Galvanic isolation

Mixed-Signal IC Design and Layout

Designing analog components becomes a more elaborate and challenging process due to the high level of complexity when merging analog and digital components on one IC.

The accuracy of analog and mixed-signal circuits typically defines the precision of the entire system and while integrating analog and digital circuits reveals many new possibilities, it also leads to new challenges in design. The eesy-ic team has skilled and experienced experts to develop high-precision and powerful ICs such as data converters. Benefit from our know-how and extensive experience.


Our Services:

  • Analog-digital-converters
  • Digital-analog-converters
  • Comparators
  • And many more

RF-IC Design & Layout

eesy-ic has specialists in RF-IC design to help support you to find the optimal and most cost-effective solution for your needs.


Our Services:

  • Highly integrated RF-subsystems: transceiver circuits, frontends for RF-signal processing and radar sensors
  • RF-function blocks, e. g. LNAs, mixers, VCOs, PLLs, I/Q-up/ down converters, phase shifters, integrated power amplifiers, IF-VGAs, RF-switches, wideband amplifiers, high speed ADC drivers
  • Selection of semiconductor process technology suitable to the design task and planned production volume (CMOS, SiGe-bipolar, GaAs)

Digital IC Design, Synthesis & Layout

We carry out all tasks in digital circuit development from design, verification, synthesis, and layout to characterization as well as product testing. Our team supports clients in development of subsystems, complete ASIC designs and/or FPGA applications.


Our Services:

  • Design with VHDL or Verilog
  • Development of complex test bench environment
  • Backend development
  • IP development
  • Rapid prototyping with FPGA
  • FPGA design

IC Verification & Characterization

eesy-ic prides itself on ensuring all products are tested on the best equipment and in varying conditions to reveal and remove all flaws in an IC before it leaves our company.


Our Services:


Development of test solutions for verification and characterization:

  • Design and layout of hardware
  • Software development with C, C++, C# and LabVIEW
  • Characterization and verification
  • Qualification

IC- Production Test

At eesy-ic, our test engineers have extensive experience in the development of efficient and cost-effective production tests, which ensure high quality and excellent performance in all of our products.


Our Services in the field of Production Testing:

  • Test Development on various platforms: Teradyne, Eagle, LTX-Credence, Verigy/Advantest
  • High-precision measurement technology
  • Optimization of test time
  • Design-for-test concepts (DfT)
  • On-site testing (own platform)


For small series and small to medium sized quantities of up to 10 million ICs per year, we offer production testing in our own test floor.


Test at wafer level

For production testing on silicon wafers, our in-house test cell consists of a production test system from LTX from the X-Series and a fully automated wafer prober from Martek (EG4900u+).


Test of ICs in the package

The LTX X-Series production test system is also available for production testing. A pick and place handler from Cohu/Multitest completes the test cell.

IP Cores

1Msps, 18bit SAR ADC

eyADC-SI2 is a dual channel differential analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) based on successive approximation (SAR) with high accuracy (18 bit) and a sampling rate of up to 1 MSPS.


The reference voltage is generated on chip and only requires one external capacitor. eyADCSI2 also provides an input common mode voltage source to set the common mode for reference free signal sources. Both the reference and the common mode voltage source requires very little power keeping the quiescent power consumption at only 50 μW.


The ADC itself consumes no power during sampling (zero power sampling). Therefore, its power consumption scales linearly with the conversion rate only requiring 230 μW at 64 kSPS.

8GSPS, 12bit ADC

A 12-bit monolithic sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates at conversion rates of up to 8 giga samples per second (GSPS). This product is designed for sampling wide bandwidth analog signals up to 4 GHz. The combination of wide input bandwidth, high sampling rate, and excellent linearity of the ADC is ideally suited for spectrum analyzers, data acquisition systems, and a wide assortment of military electronics applications, such as radar and electronic countermeasures.


The JESD204B-based high speed serialized output uses 8 lanes with 16 Gbit/s. The product is specified over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to +85°C.


– Sample rate 8 GS/s
– SFDR 72dB
– SNR 54dB
– Differential input 100 Ohm
– FSR 1V
– Time-interleaved 18 SAR-ADC
– Internal Reference
– Data output: JESD204B, 8 Lanes á 16Gbit/s
– Power consumption <4W
– Technology 28nm CMOS

UV-LED Driver

The eyIC4UV-01 is a universal digitally regulated high precision PWM-enabled LED control chip. The LED regulated current is continuously monitored inside a current sensing feedback loop, enabling the eyIC4UV-01 to drive just one or a chain of sequentially connected LEDs. The eyIC4UV-01 provides internal driver circuitry, which supports LED forward voltages up to 15V. For higher LED forward voltages of up to 200V (such as when several LEDs must be connected in a chain), the chip provides control signals for the external driver which, depending on the number of the LEDs must supply the corresponding LED forward voltage.


To optimize the loop control and stability and therefore, precisely regulating the LED current, the LED temperature, its light intensity, and its supplied current are continuously monitored and configured to set the optimal PWM duty cycle. This PWM duty cycle is then used to adjust the LED current. In an alternative setting the LED current can also be controlled using a linear regulator. Both the linear regulator and the PWM modulator are driven digitally through a DAC. Both control mechanisms can be utilized to regulate the LED current, depending on the specific application requirements.


Users have the option to control the LED current using either a digital SPI interface or by providing external analog input signals.

500V galvanic isolation

The eyICL8P is an eight channel, digital-input interface device for high channel density modules in industrial and building automation. The input side does not require an external power supply. The device accepts input voltages of up to 35 Volt. It includes a galvanic isolation up to 500 Volt. The device completes the interface between the high voltage signals on the field-side and the low-voltage signals on the controller side. Input signals are current limited and validated by an internal debounce filter. With the addition of an external resistor the input switching characteristic can be configured in accordance with IEC61131-2 standard for Type 1, 2 and 3 current inputs.



– Industrial Process Control

– Industrial Automation

– Building Automation

Digitally controlled frequency synthesizer for 24GHz radar

eyRF-S12 is a fully integrated frequency synthesizer for FMCW radar applications. Since it is based on an all-digital Phase Locked Loop no external loop filter is necessary. Instead, the loop bandwidth can be controlled and optimized via a digital interface. This, and the fact that oscillator and feedback loop are already implemented together in an integrated solution offers a time saving and area efficient possibility for the development of radar systems. The Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) is adapted for the Digitally Controlled Oscillator (DCO) and offers very low closed loop phase noise. An integrated calibration algorithm enables highly linear and fast FMCW ramps.

4GHz Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wideband Transceiver

The eyRF-T5 is a fully integrated transceiver operating within in the scope of IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN and employing the ultra-wideband physical layer. Because of the employed pulsed signals with 500 MHz of bandwidth, the signal power levels are in the order of those used in the MICS band, therefore providing safe power levels for the human body and low interference to other devices. All three frequency channels 3.494, 3.993 and 4.492 GHz are supported with data rates from 0.487 up to 15.6 Mbps. The transceiver total power consumption may be reduced to 10 mW.


The included digital channel coding blocks offer forward error correction and AES-128 encryption to increase robustness and security.