Elsys America


Elsys America is a world-class provider of ASIC, SoC and FPGA design services. Our capabilities cover the entire IC design spectrum, from concept to silicon, using the latest design methodologies and EDA tools across a wide range of semiconductor process technology nodes down to 14nm.

Our specialties include ASIC and SoC front-end design, design verification, physical implementation, FPGA design, and silicon validation.

Since the creation in 2000, Elsys has been partnering with major semiconductor companies ranging from large international to high-tech startups in diverse markets such as communications, automotive, networking, industrial, medical and consumer products.

With 300 semiconductor design engineers and over 15 years of experience, Elsys is one of the world’s leading independent design house.

Elsys provides flexible engagement models, from on-site support to outsourcing from an international network of design centers in Europe and in the US, including Serbia which provides cost-effective semiconductor design services and ISO 27001 certification.


ASIC Front-end Design

We at ELSYS have successfully completed many ASIC design projects for customers experiencing tight time or resources requirements and in need of top quality design solutions. We have developed several first-to-market IPs, but also worked on ASIC and System On Chip designs that involved the integration of third party IPs / cores, reuse of existing IPs and legacy components. We developed IPs for latest ASIC technologies as well as complex FPGA systems.


Our design team has the skills and experience to perform all the necessary steps in the front end design flow including:


  • Requirements analysis and architecture specification development
  • Project planning and execution
  • Architectural design
  • RTL coding
  • Lint, Clock domain crossing
  • Synthesis, timing closure
  • Equivalence checking
  • Design For Test: scan insertion, boundary scan, BIST, ATPG, test development
  • Low power design using latest industry standards: CPF, UPF
  • Power simulation
  • Design flow automation
  • Project documentation

ASIC Design Verification

We at Elsys have a strong experience and deep expertise in the ASIC design verification. We are constantly keeping up with the latest trends in the verification through working for the top semiconductor companies in the world on cutting-edge technology products. Our engineers successfully overcame some of the biggest challenges in the chip design life cycle and carried out the verification of many complex SoC on all levels.


Our team has the skills and experience to perform all the necessary steps in SoC and IP-level verification including:


  • Verification plan and test plan development
  • Verification environment development based on UVM, OVM, eRM methodologies and SytemVerilog, Verilog, e languages
  • UVC/eVC reusable verification component development
  • Analog design modules modeling in Verilog-AMS, Verilog-A, VHDL-AMS languages and RNM modeling
  • Assertion-based verification (SVA/PSL)
  • Low-power verification (power aware simulations, CPF/UPF usage)
  • Formal Verification
  • RTL and GLS functional simulation, results analysis and debugging
  • Defining coverage metrics, analyzing and improving coverage (coverage driven verification)
  • Developing scripts and tools for verification flow automation

AMS Design and Physical Implementation

Working on projects with different clients and various sub-micron technologies on a daily basis, Elsys gained expertise in an optimal design and physical implementation that maximizes performance at minimum area utilization. We have a proven track record of products used in automotive industry, consumer electronic and medical equipment which includes power converters, DAC/ADC converters, audio devices and ultra-low power microcontrollers as well as other baseband and RF devices.

Our team has the skills and expertise to perform the following tasks in design, verification and physical implementation of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and modules:


  • System requirements and design analysis, along with the full product specification
  • Design of analog blocks in appropriate technology using CAD tools for design and simulation
  • Physical layout design and verification for integrated circuits production
  • Automated top-level and block-level analog verification in different process corners
  • Automated top-level and block-level mixed-signal verification in different process corners
  • Development of tools and whole environments for testing and verification
  • Creating calibrated models of analog circuits for analog and mixed-signal verification in Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS
  • Development of methods and customized tools for automating the design and verification
  • Writing supporting documentation required for the design, verification, and production of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits

FPGA Design

Through working with different FPGA technologies over the years, Elsys has built expertise in developing an optimal design that maximizes performance and reduces unit cost. We have a proven track record of products built into airplanes, trains, medical and telecommunication equipment worldwide. Our engineers have experience in working on projects with different requirements and priorities: high-performance, security, robustness, low-power, low-cost, fast time-to-market.


Our design team has the skill set and experience to perform each stage of the FPGA design flow including:


  • Requirements capture and analysis
  • System architecture specification development
  • Project planning and execution
  • RTL microarchitecture and coding in Verilog and VHDL languages
  • FPGA SoC integration and software development
  • Defining design constraints, Device Fitting and Timing Closure
  • Verification planning
  • Developing verification environment
  • Pre and post-synthesis testing and debugging
  • Coverage analysis
  • In system validation
  • PCB design (schematic and layout) and Board bring-up
  • Developing scripts and tools for design flow automation
  • Project documentation
  • Process oriented design

Silicon Validation

We at Elsys offer complete hardware design and software development solutions to help our customers complete their ASIC product development. Using a well-defined validation methodology and capabilities across pre-silicon development cycle, Elsys enables hardware and software verification in post-silicon bring up phase. These include electrical checks, device characterization, function and performance qualification, and various tests based on customer requirements.


Our team has the skills and experience to perform all the necessary steps in silicon validation including:


  • Electrical checks
  • Device characterization
  • Functional and system tests and debug
  • Performance qualification
  • Test automation with NI’s Labview/LabWindows solutions
  • Development of specific test boards