eMemory Technology


eMemory is a supplier of semiconductor IP specializing in embedded hard cores. As a world-leading provider of IP, eMemory has delivered best-in-class designs to over 1,500 foundries, IDMs and fabless companies globally since its establishment in 2000. We have received TSMC’s “Best IP Partner Award” each year since TSMC initiated this honor in 2010.


As a global leader in the eNVM (embedded non-volatile memory) market, eMemory provides patented solutions with the industry’s widest adoption across an extensive range of process technologies. We have also become an industry leader providing security IP cores based on silicon biometrics.


eMemory’s eNVM IP offerings include one-time programmable memories (NeoBit/NeoFuse) and multi-time programmable memories (NeoMTP/NeoEE). NeoPUF is the company’s embedded root of trust technology for security applications.

IP Cores


NeoBit uses a logic-based process for an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) design that eliminates the need for additional masking layers or extra process steps typically associated with eNVM. NeoBit embeds seamlessly into a variety of CMOS processes, including logic, mixed-mode, bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD), analog, radio-frequency (RF), and high-voltage (HV).


More information: https://www.ememory.com.tw/en-US/Products/Product?guid=19080815022738


NeoFuse is a small-form factor logic NVM technology with the advantages of low-power operation, high reliability and strong security. It provides non-volatile storage functions from 0.15um down to the leading 5nm FinFET technology node. The density supports a range of 64 to 4M bits.

For IP operations, NeoFuse provides a user-friendly interface and fully integrated OTP IP that minimizes design effort and circuit complexity when embedded as a NVM silicon IP. An internal charge pump is designed and embedded in the NeoFuse silicon IP to enable field programming capabilities. eMemory’s proprietary ROM code conversion, NeoROM, can also be used to reduce programming costs once the program code is fixed.


More information: https://www.ememory.com.tw/en-US/Products/Product?guid=19081314105118


NeoEE carries out electronic program-/erase- operations for 16k-bit (maximum) memory density and functions as a true rewritable memory technology, allowing up to 500K P/E cycles with zero additional masking layers. A byte-write function is also incorporated in the NeoEE silicon IP to replace external EEPROM solutions and further reduce the package cost.


More information: https://www.ememory.com.tw/en-US/Products/Product?guid=19080716575506


NeoMTP is a single-poly embedded memory technology offering high NVM memory density with 1K endurance at the lowest implementation cost to be found in the industry. NeoMTP performs erase operations for up to 512K bits memory density and serves as a true rewritable memory technology up to 1K P/E cycling with zero additional masking layers. NeoMTP technology is equipped with an additional erase gate and is very similar to NeoBit for easy implementation.


More information: https://www.ememory.com.tw/en-US/Products/Product?guid=19080815022063


NeoPUF is a hardware security technology based on physically unclonable variations occurring in the silicon manufacturing process. The underlying benefit of using a PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) in cryptography is its “uniqueness” and “unpredictability”. With NeoPUF IP, users can generate truly random sequences for applications with high security requirements. Our innovative technology enables multi-layered security and resolves common PUF-related issues by eliminating the need for a costly and complicated ECC (Error Correction Code). The random number extracted by NeoPUF IP is unique and unclonable, a silicon “fingerprint” for a wide range of security purposes, including encryption, identification, authentication, security key generation, etc.


More information: https://www.ememory.com.tw/en-US/Products/Product?guid=19081314113656