EquipIC Supply Chain

The Netherlands

EquipIC is an international ASIC supply chain company providing foundry MPW, MLM and production services for digital, RF- and mixed-signal devices, packaging solutions based on leadframes (like QFN, QFP) or substrates (like LGA, BGA) as well as multiple chip packages (MCM) and wafer level packaging using bumping or TSV solutions. We also support special requests like ceramic or optical windows. EquipIC offers production test solutions based on Teradyne J750 and Flex-family testers for wafer level and final test. EquipIC is customer and quality oriented (ISO9001 certified, project managers are PMI certified) with significant industrial expertise and network.


Foundry services and foundry adapted IP solutions

Typical foundry services like MPW, MLM, full mask based wafer manufacturing for all common foundries like TSMC, UMC, Globalfoundries, Tower-Jazz, X-fab, AMS etc etc. EquipIC has production in multiple fabs and can therefore leverage also small volume products there.

EquipIC suggest early involvement in foundry selection process since overall costs are often driven by the IP solutions (physical IP is typically specific to a foundry technology!), so foundry and IP selection are related.

Packaging services

Common package solutions like leadframe or substrate based packages (corresponding to QFN, BGA type package) as well as wafer level packaging types based on bumping, PoP, TSV. We have special expertise in MCM packaging that achieve smallest footprint und allow to pre-certify solutions in fields where this is required.

Test solutions

EquipIC provides test solutions typically based on Terdyne testers (J750 or Flex-Family), both for wafer level and final test (for packaged devices). EquipIC has some nice success stories of RF and mixed-signal test solutions that can be demonstrated. EquipIC suggests early implication at design stage on DFT (design for test) and DFM (design for manufacturing) that is often neglected but DOES make the difference if low PPM numbers are needed and test development should be smooth.

Supply Chain

EquipIC also offers to manage 3rd parties supply chains or to provide only partial supply chain related services, so that customers can concentrate on their technology innovations, product developments and marketing.