We provide turnkey semiconductor test services for new (NPI) and existing products. Our services include test design and development, probe card/load board design and fabrication and socket/pin solutions for engineering samples all the way to high volume or high mix testing.


We also have an IR4.0 Smart Factory Automation System solution for OSATs.


Our ATEs include Advantest V93000 and Teradyne UltraFlex testers; Seiko-Epson, Hontech and JHT handlers; TEL and Semics Probers; and ICOS and Vitrox Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines.


Our customers consist of Fortune 500 customers from IDMs, Tech Start-ups, Design Houses, Fabs and Equipment Providers.


Test Design & Development

We provide test design & development right after silicon tape out to release for production at any tester platform.


For quotations, we will need the device datasheet that includes device specs, device communication protocols, ball map and pattern format (e.g. STIL, eVCD)

Probe Card & Loadboard Design and Fabrication

For quotations, we will need the wafer map, XY coordinates, device specifications and wafer pad material.

Socket & Pin Solutions

For quotations, we will need the package type, device specifications and package pad/ball material.

High Volume/Low Mix or High Mix/Low Volume Testing

For quotations, we will need the tester configuration, handler/prober type, test temperature and forecasted volume.

Backend AOI, Bake & Pack Services

For quotations, we will need the package type, device specifications, inspection specifications, bake requirements  and forecasted volume.

IR4.0 Smart System Automation

Smart factory automation solutions, IR4.0, smart manufacturing, OEE, big data, artificial intelligence, data analytics, business intelligence, system automation.