HTELabs, is a US based Wafer Foundry located in Silicon Valley that produces Standard and Custom Integrated Circuits and Discrete semiconductor devices. Analog and Digital integrated Circuits are manufactured with medium and high voltage junction isolated and dielectric isolated custom bipolar, bicmos and BCD processes. HTELabs
Wafer Foundry offers in house 500nm stepper photolithography, precision doping ion implantation, silicon nitride junction passivation, platinum silicided Schottky contacts , laser trimmable thin film resistors and gold  interconnect metallization for best performance and reliability.

HTELabs technologies allow integration of high performance NPN, PNP and JFET transistors, MOS capacitors, diffused resistors and precision thin film resistors. MNOS capacitors, Tantalum Nitride TaN or Sichrome SiCr
thin film resistors are easily integrated with discrete semiconductors on same chip to obtain standard and custom complex semiconductor device solutions.