IBM Canada Ltd


IBM Assembly and Test facility in Bromont, Canada has packaged the world’s leading-edge semiconductors for over 45 years. We are known for our comprehensive approach to heterogeneous integration and large area packaging. Our work in areas such as automated silicon photonics packaging and optical technology is unrivaled. IBM will help you deliver differentiated solutions while providing personalized, expert support to meet even the toughest application goals.


The IBM mindset is one of quality and performance. We offer full turnkey management, from materials characterization to mechanical, thermal and electrical design. Our customers leverage our deep skillsets in inventory control, world-class failure analysis, and customized programming, burn-in or final test. We are accredited as a North American Microelectronics Trusted source. With a culture of working hand-in-hand with device designers and foundry services, IBM will ensure the effective execution of your new and updated advanced packaging platforms.


Advanced packaging Services

IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge package assembly and test services optimized to deliver differentiation and performance. We specialize in both large area and high-complexity packaging. We offer turnkey analysis from material characterization and predictive design to rapid prototyping and efficient scale-up to high volume manufacturing. Our mindset is one of quality, precision, and technical leadership while facilitating fast turn-around-time for both development and production. We support semiconductor fabless, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)..

Semiconductor test services

From chip design through production, IBM’s comprehensive Test Service provides the customer with optimized approaches to test strategy, methodology, and final test plans. Best known methods for implementing Design for Test (DFT) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) promote process flow efficiencies, high productivity and accelerated time-to-market. Creating customized test solutions from prototype to final product characterization is standard practice. Digital, analog, mixed signal, RF and optoelectronic testing as well as burn-in services are available.

Mechanical, electrical and thermal modeling

Modelling, simulation and predictive tools employ IBM proprietary algorithms, codes, and our library of extensive materials properties and manufacturing tolerances – defined through the manufacturer and supplemented through measurement, analysis and field application. Collectively, the data and our deep experience provide excellent model-to-hardware correlation. Package and system level signal and power integrity are emphasized. Broad based analysis includes active and passive components, package, socket, PCB, connectors, and cabling to contribute to a first-time-right design.

Analytical services, reliability and failure analysis

IBM laboratory services showcase technical know-how derived from decades of experience supporting development and manufacturing of high value products. First-time-right package design begins with material characterization and package modelling.