IC Enable


An award-winning provider of quality design and layout solutions, IC Enable has an 18-year history of success in delivering design and layout services to demanding Fortune 50 customers. Our team has experience in technology development test chip automation, full-custom ASIC and electronics development across the Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical and Defense industries, including some of the most challenging fabrication processes and product applications in the world.


Committed to developing and retaining high-performing staff, IC Enable provides businesses with the capacity and expertise to complete complex design projects. We can complete an entire project for you or provide you with the staffing that you need to complete the project.


IC Enable is based solely in the USA, ISO 9001 Certified and ITAR Compliant.


Analog Circuit Design

  • Mixed Signal, LDO, amplifiers, LNA, OTA, ADC, DAC, Bandgap, PLL, POR
  • Mixed mode simulations, Verilog modeling.
  • Circuit simulation in SPICE, Spectre, FastSpice.

Integrated Circuit Layout

  • Experience in technologies from 250nm to 3nm (FinFET).
  • Foundry technologies include Skywater, TSMC, SMIC, Tower, XFab, GF.
  • Experience in analog mixed-signal and custom digital.
  • Block level to SoC Floorplanning.
  • Low noise designs, RF, Defense/Space, medical devices, power management.

Digital Design (RTL Design) and Verification

  • RTL design in Verilog
  • RTL design from specifications, e.g. UART, I2C, SPI, CAN.
  • Functional simulation using VCS, NCSim, Xcelium.
  • Design Verification using UVM. Constrained random, coverage driven, assertion based verification. LEC using Formality

Digital Physical Design

  • Synthesis, SDC constraint development
  • Synopsys Design Compiler, ICC. Cadence Genus, Innovus
  • Floor planning, CTS, STA, timing closure
  • Parasitic extraction, physical verification
  • Scan-insertion, JTAG, Boundary Scan, ATPG

Full Custom ASIC Design

  • Mixed signal design expertise.
  • Turnkey ASIC design, from high level chip specifications to GDS.
  • Technology selection consultation.
  • Medical, consumer, and automotive space.
  • Packaging, test, and qualification consultation.