IC Failure Analysis Lab


IC Failure Analysis Lab’s skilled and experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to provide industry leading techniques to resolve your problems. Our services include but not limited to 2 & 3D X-Ray, Curve Tracing, SEM, EDX, SAM, FIB, X-Sectioning, Photo Emission (OBRICH / EMMI), Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS), TEM and Reverse Engineering.


Failure Analysis

Non-Destructive and Destructive Failure Analysis, Material Analysis, Cross Sectioning, Chemical / Laser Decapsulation, Delayering, EDX, PCB FA,  OBRICH / EMMI, EDX, FIB (Plasma / Dual), I-V Curve Trace, Ion Beam X-Section Polisher, Optical Profiler, Probe & Nano Probe Measurement, IC / PCB Reverse Engineering, IC / PCB Competitive Analysis,  SAM, SCM, SEM, SIMS, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), 2D / 3D X-Ray and more

Reliability and Qualification Testing

Autoclave or Pressure Cooker Test, Bias Life Test (BLT), Die Shear Test, ESD – Charged Device Model (CDM), ESD – Human Body Model (HBM), ESD – Machine Model (MM), HAST (Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test), High-Temperature Storage Life Test (HTSL), HTOL (High Temperature Operating Life Test) / Burn-in, Humidity-Bias Test (THB), Latch-up Test, Lead Integrity Test, Mark Permanency Test, Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification (MSC), Physical Dimension Measurement, Preconditioning Test (PC), Real Time Thermal Profiling, Solderability, Solder Ball Shear Test (BGA), Temperature Cycling (TC) Air to Air, Temperature Humidity Bias Lifetest 85°C/85%, Thermal Shock (Liquid to sqLiquid), Wire Bond Pull Test, Wire Bond Shear Test and more