We work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), helping our customers make their ASICs production-ready. Customers can choose to have more control by utilizing our Easy-COT service or opt for the ASIC services team to provide Full Turn Key (FTK) management of your project. We also support our customers with our technology targeting service to guide you in selecting the right technology for your design.


ASIC, SOC design

Analog and digital design of full chips and building blocks design/testing/package/verification.

Foundry services

Access and technical support leading foundry’s technologies and capacities.

Silicon supply chain management including foundry, package and testing.

Turn key (supply chain management)

Full turn key silicon enablement. From system architecture, design, testing patterns insertion, testing, package, silicon verification.

Package and testing

Support customer to finish test pattern insertion; access to package and testing houses all over the world.

PCB functional and physical design, thermo-mechanical simulation and virtual prototyping.

TSMC’s official VCA (Value Chain Aggregator)

VCAs integrate design enablement building blocks within TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) and provide specific services at each link in the IC value chain, including IP development, design backend, wafer manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

MPW and mini ASIC Services

MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) allows company to verify ASIC design for product verification, pilot production, sampling and system optimization purposes.

MPW reduces cost of ASIC and SOC in engineering stage.